How EU and UK supermarkets can benefit from AI without new POS

Amelia Kirby

We've got some good news. If you're considering new supermarket tech and wondering how you can get an edge without expensive upgrades to your in-store systems and infrastructure, Tiliter Retail has the solution. Our AI Checkout Solutions give you the most advanced fresh produce recognition AI on the market on your existing SCO or POS. There's no need for new scales or checkout system — just add our software and camera to your current tech, and you've just got a more convenient shopping experience.  

Your self-serve checkout, only better  

Our software and camera integrate seamlessly with SCO. So, your customers get to use the scale they’re already familiar with, but with the added power of Tiliter Retail computer vision.  

We work with your software provider to display our smart item predictions on the display screen. The tech works automatically, meaning customers don't have to search through long look-up menus. They also don't need to know PLU (Price Look-Up). The software simply recognizes the produce item and presents a maximum of 4 options on the screen.  

Upgrade your SCO with minimal capital outlay — there's nothing holding you back.  

A smoother checkout  

The checkout process is a friction point for shoppers. Cashiers have to remember hundreds of PLU to check out fresh produce items, which takes time, and the line soon grows. With all those items and varieties to remember, and with time pressures, item misidentification at the checkout is common, adding to shrink and profit loss.  

Fortunately, AI can help. By retrofitting Tiliter Retail's AI Camera and Processor to your existing checkout or POS, you can give your cashiers the right tools  to make their jobs easier. They can avoid lengthy look-up menus and don't have to remember endless PLU while increasing throughput. This keeps lines smaller. And with extra time saved, many retailers take the opportunity to move staff to other areas of the store to help with stocking shelves or assisting customers, so it’s great for increasing efficiencies in the supermarket.

No new POS or infrastructure is needed — just smart, automatic product recognition where it helps the most.

Features and benefits of Self-Serve Checkout and Checkout Upgrade solutions  

Reduces plastic: Tiliter retail computer vision identifies fresh produce items without barcodes. The software uses AI to recognize the product itself; it's not scanning labelling or packaging. So, you can meet your plastic reduction KPIs.

Seamless integration: We can integrate our software with your POS systems, checkouts and SCO. Integration with your existing tech is easy, quick and seamless for your software provider to set up — so you're up and running fast.  

Ready, out-of-the-box: Tiliter Retail's software processor comes pre-trained, so it's ready to use in-store. It's the plug and play AI option made for supermarkets.  

Detect bags and calculate TARE: If you apply a TARE weight to specific items, where a tiny percentage of the price is deducted to account for the bag, you could be losing thousands of dollars a week in profit. Tiliter Retail's software can be programmed to apply TARE weight only when a bag is used.  

Detects organics: Organic products are usually more expensive than non-organic. Tiliter AI Checkout Solutions detects organic markings, such as specific labelling or packaging, so you don't lose profit on misidentified items.  

Prevents incorrect selection and fraud: The National Retail Federation found that the average shrink rate for retailers in 2018 was 1.38%**. Tiliter Retail solutions prevent shoppers and cashiers from selecting the wrong item. They also have the option to discretely alert the store manager if someone tries to choose the incorrect item.  

More convenient for shoppers: Shoppers using the scales with Tiliter’s product recognition tech can skip lengthy, frustrating look-up menus and check out faster.  

More efficient for cashiers: All the conveniences shoppers get from AI-powered scales also apply to cashiers using the POS retrofit solution. Plus, they don't have to remember all the PLU and SKU (stock-keeping units) codes.  

Keeps inventory accurate: By ensuring customers and cashiers select the right produce, Tiliter helps retailers keep their inventory accurate and up to date.

Easy to adopt retail technology

Forrester Consulting's report showed that 18% of consumers would shop elsewhere to avoid lengthy queues and a bad check out experience*.  

We've made it easy for supermarkets to provide a better retail experience. With seamless integration solutions from Tiliter Retail, you can upgrade your existing supermarket SCO or checkouts with powerful AI that offers process efficiencies and a better shoppers experience. What are you waiting for? Ask us about upgrading your checkout today.  



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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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