5 things you need for a more convenient, secure self-checkout

Amelia Kirby

According to a survey by Canstar Blue, 7% of shoppers admitted to stealing an item at the supermarket and 9% of shoppers had passed off an item as something cheaper (an onion instead of an avocado, for example). The most likely items to be stolen? Fruit and veg. This problem has consistently been a tough issue for supermarkets to tackle. Until now.

Tiliter’s automatic product recognition software solutions integrate with most self-checkout platforms to remove the opportunity for fraud in fresh and bulk categories (as well as offer a better customer experience). Here’s what you need to know.

1. Accurate recognition

Tiliter’s automatic identification is powered by computer vision — a type of AI. The software recognises products without barcodes such as fresh produce and bulk goods.  With a high level of accuracy (up to 99%), the system identifies the item as soon as the customer places it on the self-checkout scanner and presents the item onscreen for customer confirmation.  

2. Convenient shopping

With automatic produce detection, there’s no need for a long item lookup menu. The alphabetical menu is a constant source of frustration for shoppers at the self-checkout. By offering your shoppers a way to avoid scrolling through to find the right item, you can achieve a more convenient shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction. Plus, with automatic selection, there are fewer screen touches, which offers shoppers a more hygienic experience.

3. Fraud prevention

Given the risk of item swapping at the self-checkout, our supermarket customers want to know when an attempt is made to select a cheaper item in place of the more expensive one on the scanner.  

You already have your processes in place for tackling fraud, but here’s how we can help you get a step ahead of the item switchers.

When the software makes a confident prediction (meaning it’s certain of the item on the scanner), it will send a silent alert to the store if that prediction is overridden. Staff can then intervene, and retailers can get accurate analytics of loss at the self-checkout.

4. Bag detection

Speaking of analytics, wouldn’t it be great to understand exactly how many fresh produce purchases are in plastic bags and how many are not? Tiliter AI detects whether a bag is used, giving you accurate transaction analytics and a deeper understanding of bag use, attempted fraud and more at the self-checkout. In addition, you can use the bag detection software to apply bag tare weight at individual transaction level, rather than applying it to every transaction – a big cost saving.

5. Accessible retail technology

Tiliter’s automatic product recognition technology integrates with most retail scanning platforms. You can use your existing camera or use Tiliter’s. This flexibility means you can upgrade your current self-checkouts and take advantage of the very latest AI without needing to buy expensive new self-checkout systems or change your IT infrastructure. It’s a more accessible option for retail businesses of all sizes.

You can find out more about Tiliter’s AI Checkout Solutions for your self-checkout here.

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Amelia Kirby

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