Improve customer satisfaction with easy label printing for a faster self-checkout

Amelia Kirby

We’ve all experienced frustration at the self-checkout, scrolling through the search menu to find the right apple. Or we’ve selected the wrong type of avocado and had to call the store assistant and wait for the screen to be reset. It’s so annoying and time-consuming for shoppers. And it’s unproductive for store staff too. With powerful produce recognition technology it doesn’t have to be — read on to discover how you can transform the self-checkout experience for your customers.  

Make the shopping process easy

Shoppers using the self-checkout to buy fresh produce and bulk goods like nuts and lollies would usually need to weigh their produce and then scroll through the selection menu to choose the right item. This takes time, clogs up the self-checkout lanes and leads to an unsatisfactory shopping experience.

By identifying and labelling produce items in the fresh or bulk section of the store, that process is kept away from the self-checkout area. Shoppers can instead get their produce ready for a quick, smooth self-checkout before they get there with accessible, customer-friendly technology. It’s all in the automated produce identification.

How does the AI Scale + Printer work?

The Tiliter AI Scale + Printer is supermarket-ready technology that identifies fresh and bulk items automatically using artificial intelligence. All shoppers need to do is place their items on the AI Scale and press the print button. The AI detects and identifies the item automatically so there’s no need for a selection menu. Shoppers then attach the label to their item in the fresh food section of the store, and it’s ready for scanning at the self-checkout.  

Increase customer satisfaction

Here’s what supermarket shoppers are saying about Tiliter’s convenient, time-saving supermarket tech:

“I find it makes life at the checkout faster, so I'll keep using it.”

“I was surprised when I put my produce on the scale and it came up on the screen straight away! It’s like magic.”

“It seems to detect everything quite well - I'm impressed by the technology."

What’s in it for retailers?

Our shopper feedback shows that the AI Scale + Printer offers a hassle-free way to use the self-checkout. But the smart retail technology also reduces shrink for the supermarket. By identifying produce automatically, there is less opportunity for item misidentification and loss, whether its intentional or not. The AI knows what the shopper has placed on the scale.

Retailers can see further loss reduction by implementing Tiliter’s fraud prevention feature. This sends a discrete alert to store staff if a customer attempts to select the incorrect item.

There’s also an invaluable bag detection feature which serves retailers in two ways. Firstly, you can save money by moving away from applying tare weight to every transaction, and only deduct tare weight when a bag is detected. And it allows you to track and manage bag usage and understand your plastic consumption.

For our supermarket customers who have the the AI Scale + Printer in-store, the verdict is in:

“From our point of view, the scales seem very easy to use and we haven’t needed to intervene to help customers.”

“The customers in store are loving it. The scales are great and getting good, consistent usage."

We’d love to tell you more about our cost-saving and customer-satisfying supermarket solutions. Get in touch today.

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Amelia Kirby

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