Supermarket scale price integration – what you need to know

Amelia Kirby

One of the features we’re most excited about is the integration of fresh produce pricing onto our AI Scale screen. This simple addition to the user experience, currently rolling out to one of our Australian customers, might seem simple. But it’s what Aussie shoppers are crying out for.

What is price integration?

The Tiliter AI Scale automatically identifies fruit and vegetables and bulk items like nuts and lollies. There is no need for a lookup menu, so the experience is quick, accurate and convenient for shoppers using a mobile checkout app or printing a label for a speedy checkout.

Shoppers are used to the automated identification and seeing the weight of their item on the screen. However, Tiliter’s new feature takes that experience up a level, also displaying the price of the item.

What are the benefits for the shopper?

In an independent survey of 80 Australian shoppers, 96%* expressed a desire to see the price when they are shopping for produce sold by weight. 88%* of those shoppers say that price is actually the most important factor when choosing their fruit and vegetables.

In times of increasing prices, shoppers want transparency. It’s important for shoppers to be able to track their spend as they go. By showing the weight and price of fresh produce on the AI Scale screen, sticking to the shopping budget is easy and much more convenient than working out the cost in your head.

What are the benefits for the retailer?

Retailers get to improve customer satisfaction overall by giving their shoppers what they want – a speedy, hassle-free shopping experience with all the information they need to make buying decisions that suit their needs and their budgets.

The retail technology landscape is changing evolving as customers get more sophisticated and demand more from the shopping experience. Solutions that offer a modern, digital way to buy non-barcoded produce with the weight and the price available before check-out are leading the way. Don’t get stuck with yesterday’s technology.

Talk to us today about integrating pricing information into your scale screen.

*Test group of 80 anonymous Australian shoppers; 51% female; 49% male; between the ages of 25-44.

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Amelia Kirby

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