Here's what shoppers are saying about AI-powered supermarket tech

Amelia Kirby

Great customer satisfaction is our number one priority, just as it is for the supermarkets we serve. If we can help you make your shoppers happy, we've done our job.

We survey our customers every quarter. We do this to give them a chance to provide feedback — that's how we learn, improve and deliver technology that helps our customers meet their challenges and succeed.  

We pride ourselves on our laser focus on, and deep knowledge of, the supermarket industry. We want to know what you think, what you need, what frustrations you have and what makes your business tick. Without your voice, we can't be who you need us to be.  

We talk about our retail products a lot. This time, we’ll let our customers (and yours) do the talking.

Here's what your customers have to say about Tiliter technology.

Self-checkout customers

Our AI Checkout Solutions make the self-checkout less intimidating and more convenient for busy shoppers. The automatic product recognition means there’s no need for a long menu to search through — it’s faster and less frustrating.  

“I was surprised — I liked that it automatically identified the product. No germs and I didn’t have to touch screen.”

“They were convenient and helped me find my produce quicker, meaning I could get in and out of store quickly, and safely.”

“It’s quicker than going through those lookups menu lists.”

AI Scales Shoppers

For people who love a fast, efficient supermarket shopping experience, the AI Scale works with mobile checkout apps like Scan&Go at Woolworths Australia to get just that. And Aussie shoppers like it. From the feedback, we can see that convenience, sustainability and ease of use are most important.

“It eliminates contact with a salesperson, it speeds up shopping, decreasing the time spent in the supermarket, and there’s no need for packaging/stickers making it environmentally friendly.”

“It’s super convenient and people don't seem to use it as much as they should.”

“It is very helpful in reducing time and increasing efficiency.”

“Easy to use and super-fast checkout.”

“It’s like magic and I love new tech. But most importantly it speeds up my shopping and checkout experience which is so important during COVID and also as a busy parent.”

“I think they certainly make the shopping experience more seamless.”

Here's what our retail customers have to say about our Tiliter

Providing exceptional service is central to everything we do, so it’s vital that our customers feel well-looked after. Our Operations and Service Teams provide onsite and remote support all around Australia and on the ground in Europe, making sure implementation is smooth and response times are met. It’s a bonus if our customers also like our tech — which they do!

“Great team to work with, with excellent technology”

“Tiliter are professional and a pleasure to deal with”

"We are able to minimise effort for customers by using AI and presenting options instead of asking.”

“The team and product have been excellent.”

“It is a pleasure dealing with team on a quality product and service experience.”

“I've never seen anything like the Tiliter scales- Could be used in a variety of different industries.”

"New employees can use the till faster and easier”

Here’s what supermarket cashiers think

Our AI Checkout Solutions make the checkout process faster, more accurate and more efficient for cashiers — an optimised process that works for staff and customers. We think it’s important to engage your staff what they think, as we’re here to make their jobs easier too.

“Article detection, no article search and faster cashier process. The article recognition is, in a word "practical".”

“My cashiers and I are 100% convinced by the system. This is the best system that we could install.”

“Most valuable feature? Adaptability of the product.”

If you're looking for a retail tech vendor whose service isn't an afterthought and who truly cares what you think, contact us for a chat today.

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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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