Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Tiliter technology?

Our unique, world leading data centric pattern and process provides superior accuracy. We are the leading global AI solution because we offer a great quality of base training data, a unique technique to train our models and a proven active field data processing technique.

Tiliter leads the largest global rollout of Product Recognition technology with our AI software, implemented at Woolworths Australia to improve customer shopping experiences and reduce costs for retailers.

Our software offers a 5X faster checkout and over 95% first time prediction accuracy. Use our Recognition API to reduce loss and fraud, eliminate unnecessary tare weight costs, increase throughput and offer your customers a convenient shopping experience.

What are the retail applications and processes that can Tiliter be used for?

Our product recognition API is hardware agnostic and can be integrated with most scanner and checkout platforms. It has a broad range of applications. We integrate with your mobile application, ecommerce service, self-checkouts and weight scales and offer never-before-seen transaction analytics.
Our software automatically recognises a huge range of fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, and loose items such as nuts and dried fruit and more.

What is the installation process at my store?

We have a proven deployment process with experienced team members who take care of everything for you.

You, or your retail software provider, will need to make a few modifications to the checkout software and contact one of our friendly team to interpret the response.

The software build can then be configured and deployed to pass the correct store and device info to the API for each request. Then you're good to go!  

Does your product recognition AI work with bags?

Absolutely! While we try to avoid single use of plastic, our technology automatically recognises produce in plastic bags and nets, commonly used in the fresh produce section of the store.

What checkouts work with Tiliter's Recognition API?

Tiliter Recognition API is hardware agnostic. It is compatible with most mainstream conventional scales, including bioptic/multiplane scanner scales. This includes the Zebra MP7, Datalogic 9000' series and NCR 7895 and NCR 7879 which can be found in many conventional Toshiba, Fujitsu, Diebold and NCR checkouts. The Tiliter Recognition API can also be used on many different retail scales with cameras.

Do your solutions integrate with my existing software?

We work with software integrators and POS software providers to get you up and running.

What if a new produce variety comes into season, or we want to add a geo-specific produce item?

Tiliter's AI software comes pre-trained with an extensive catalog of produce varieties and bakery goods, providing businesses with immediate functionality. Additionally, our platform allows customers to seamlessly upload a small number of images, enabling swift integration of new items into our system. This ensures that our AI remains agile and adaptable, meeting the evolving needs of our clients without delay.

How do I get Tiliter's Recognition API up and running?

Getting started is easy! Just click on this link or use the developer tab and log in to your Tiliter console. You will be able to create your account and have immediate access to the test lab. Here, you can promptly receive predictions for images using your own cameras.

Where is Tiliter located?

Tiliter, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, cultivates strategic alliances with a worldwide network of partners. This collaborative effort enables us to deliver sophisticated and tailored customer experiences, finely attuned to the unique requirements of diverse regions. Through this professional synergy, we uphold the highest standards of service and support for our global clientele.