Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tiliter located?

Our head office is in Sydney, Australia. We have service coverage across the country.

What are the retail applications and processes that can Tiliter be used for?

Our product recognition software can be integrated with numerous scanner platforms and POS software and has a broad range of applications. We integrate with your mobile application, ecommerce service, self-checkouts and convenience weight scales and offer barcode label printing and analytics.
Our software automatically recognises a huge range of fresh fruit, vegetables, bulk goods and more. Fill in the contact form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch to talk about how we can help.

What are the benefits of Tiliter technology?

Our technology solutions offer a 5X faster checkout and over 95% first time prediction accuracy. Use our tech to reduce plastic packaging, reduce loss and fraud, eliminate unnecessary tare weight costs, increase throughput and offer your customers a convenient shopping experience.

Do you offer other products using AI and computer vision technology?

Tiliter offers product recognition solutions that transform the retail experience. Our products include AI Scales (with or without a printer), AI Checkout Solutions and In-Store Detection.

Does your product recognition AI work with bags?

Absolutely! While we try to avoid single use of plastic, our technology automatically recognises produce in plastic bags and nets, commonly used in the fresh produce section of the store.

What is the implementation and integration process?

We have a proven deployment process with experienced operations and service teams who take care of everything for you. Our products require minimal training in-store so downtime is minimised and you are up and running fast.
We can provide internet solution or can integrate into your corporate network safely. Just keep us up to date with your active category list and we’ll do the rest. 

Does your solution require constant internet connectivity to continue working?

Internet access allows the full feature set of remote monitoring, article service and software updates, but our devices will continue to work for customers throughout internet drop outs.

Do your solutions integrate with my exisiting software?

For our AI Checkout Solutions, we work with software integrators and POS software providers to get you up and running.
Our AI Scales are fully autonomous — we integrate with your article service/retail software and you're good to go.

Do I need my own cameras?

We have a Tiliter AI camera or we can integrate with yours.

How do I manage my Tiliter devices?

The Tiliter Portal gives you real-time device management and transaction analytics by store to help you enhance your business.

Do your products work in different languages?

Yes, all of our products and systems operate across multiple languages. We are now present on 4 continents across the globe.

What if a new produce variety comes into season, or we want to add a geo-specific produce item?

Tiliter is constantly reviewing market offerings of produce varieties and geo-specific produce. As soon as our customers make us aware of a new produce category, our team quickly incorporates this into new software updates, ensuring we are as accurate as possible, always.

I'm in a remote part of Australia - how can you help me?

Tiliter has an extensive network of service partners who assist new customers with access, implementation and ongoing support to use our products and create a more efficient shopping experience for retailers and shoppers. Become a partner here.

Are your products certified?

Our AI Scales are NMI certified and we are proudly ISO9001 compliant.

Can we customise the AI Scale screen?

Of course. We can fully customise the UX/UI as per the retailer’s request.

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