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Revolutionising computer vision

Transforming manual processes for forward-thinking businesses and enhancing your solutions, Tiliter is leading the way with revolutionary deep learning, computer vision and AI technology.

We believe computer vision can change the world for the better. So it's our mission to make our revolutionary tech accessible to all by creating easy to use products for limitless applications.

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Founders Marcel Herz, Martin Karafilis and Chris Sampson

Automate and enhance your world

Transform your recognition processes in the simplest way possible for greater productivity and customer satisfaction

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Dedicated software and hardware technology solutions for computer vision that are easy to deploy and integrate

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Tailored and adaptive, our technology uses small data sets to recognise products in less than a second with exceptional accuracy

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Using edge computing, your data and privacy are always safe. We won't share your data and we adhere to strict security protocols

Tiliter retail

Revolutionary retail identification

Tiliter offers an end-to-end solution for product identification in supermarkets. Our system automatically identify objects without barcodes, so you can avoid lengthy search menus, reduce shrinkage and packaging, and offer your customers a more convenient shopping experience with less touch-points.

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Tiliter Retail

Fast and accurate computer vision software

Tiliter software uses the latest in artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically identify objects up to 15X faster than today’s manual scanners. We use our own data and don’t collect any in-store. It works with or without bags. And it can tell the difference between organics and non-organics.

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Tiliter Software
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Tiliter Retail

Easily upgrade any checkout

It's simple to retrofit your existing scales or checkouts with our hardware and software solution. Offer your customers a less frustrating checkout experience with powerful product recognition technology that can be integrated into most POS systems in the world.

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Spotlight: The Tiliter Algorithms Team

Spotlight: The Tiliter Algorithms Team

Our machine learning team are an integral part to our engineering department and of course, our retail products. This dedicated group bring the magic to Tiliter.

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6 proven tips for remote onboarding

6 proven tips for remote onboarding

Our retail tech company continues to grow despite the pandemic. Here’s how we make remote onboarding a success so we can keep serving our supermarket partners.

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Spotlight: The Tiliter Portal Team

Spotlight: The Tiliter Portal Team

We had a chat with some of our software engineers to dig into what drives them and their determination to bring computer vision to the world!

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