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Product Recognition AI solutions for supermarkets

Automatically identify non-barcoded items, offer shoppers a convenient experience and streamline the checkout. Easy to use retail technology made for everyday.

Operational efficiency is easier than ever

Get rich transaction data and reduce loss with automatic product identification technology built for supermarkets.

Our product recognition technology

Retail tech for every day, accessible to everyone.

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Tiliter AI Scales

Future-proof your in-store operations and offer a more convenient checkout for customers.

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AI Checkout Solutions for POS

Seamless integration with your existing hardware and software. A more efficient checkout for cashiers. A speedier checkout for shoppers.

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In-Store Detection

Detect patterns in queues, on the shop floor, in your stock bins and at the checkout and access powerful data to improve your business.

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AI Checkout Solutions for SCO

Seamless integration with you existing hardware and software for a more convenient and efficient checkout.

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AI Scale With Printer

Automatically identify produce and print the barcode with one-touch, for a faster checkout or self-checkout.

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Real-world results

Tiliter computer vision products help reduce loss and save on time and costs.

Automatic produce recognition

Fast, accurate identification of fresh fruit and vegetables and bulk goods like nuts and confectionery.

Bag detection

Use your Tiliter solution to apply tare weight by individual transaction, and stop losing profit.

Fraud prevention

Tiliter solutions send an alert to your store staff if a customer overrides a confident item prediction.

Recognise non-produce items

Tiliter AI recognises and excludes non-produce items, barcoded items, wallets, phones and pictures.

Easy device management

The Tiliter Portal gives you online device management capabilities and a dashboard overview of all your devices, transactions, bag usage, waste and more.

Detect organic markings

Detect markings such as stickers and tape and ensure you're charging the correct price for organics.

Reduce plastic

Our technology recognises items without the need for a barcode or plastic wrapping.

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We help retailers satisfy their customers

Our supermarket tech is delivering the future of shopping, today.

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I love how convenient the Scales are. I'm usually on the phone or in between meetings when I duck into the shops so I don't have time to think about what fruit or veg I'm buying or wait in the queue. I wish every store had it.

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I now avoid stores that don't have the Scale – I can't shop without it! I feel protected and secure now doing my shop. My health is my first priority. It's an absolutely wonderful concept.

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They were convenient and helped me find my produce quicker, meaning I could get in and out of store quickly, and safely.


Make the switch to better retail

A smarter supermarket is yours, with Tiliter.

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The Tiliter Log

Everything you need to know about how Tiliter tech is future-proofing retail businesses.

AI Scales with Printer scanning fresh food automaticallyAI Self-serve checkout makes shopping quicker
An elderly women using artificial intelligence to automatically scan and weigh her fruit and vegetables so she can check out quickly. Tiliter AI Scale automatically weighs and identifies fresh produce
Tiliter Scale removing need fo r look up menusMan using AI Scales for quick shopping
Woman shopping quicker with AI ScalesSelf-serve checkout is quicker with Tiliter AI
Women scanning produce quickly at checkout
Automatic label printing for fruit and vegetableWoman using Scan&Go mobile app
Customer contactless shopping for fresh produce
Montage of customers using Tiliter AI products
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