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Tiliter Product Recognition API

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Elevate your checkout experience with Tiliter's hardware-agnostic Computer Vision API, designed to accurately recognise a wide range of retail products.

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Product overview

Tiliter's Product Recognition API offers retailers our advanced computer vision technology, enabling precise identification of a wide range of items including fruits, vegetables, nuts, confectionery, and bakery products directly through client-managed cameras.

Our platform supports the addition of new items to its database, enhancing product range recognition capabilities and ensuring adaptability to any retail inventory.

Beyond mere identification, our API is engineered for significant loss and fraud prevention, actively flagging suspicious transactions and errors. This not only curtails revenue loss by averting incorrect transactions but also accelerates the checkout process with its automated fresh produce recognition feature, enriching both the customer and staff experience.

Retail applications

Retail Scales
Mobile Phones & Autonomous Stores


Easy integration into existing POS hardware, including the Zebra MP7, the NCR 7895, the Datalogic Magellan 9000-series, selected USB cameras and more.


Product recognition
Fraud prevention
Loss prevention
Bag detection

Technical data

Tiliter Development Hub here
API documentation here

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