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Checkout tech hasn’t changed much over the last 20 years. And retailers have been crying out for ways to improve productivity and offer their customers a better way to shop.

The need to innovate and speed up this everyday task was the inspiration to found Tiliter, to improve product recognition for items without barcodes.

From that simple idea, Tiliter began the journey to create cutting-edge computer vision software, breaking new ground in retail product identification that's accessible to every supermarket.

Today we are the go-to global brand for AI based visual recognition in retail. We're setting new standards for scanning non-barcoded items and automation and detection processes across your retail store.

From improving the self-checkout experience for shoppers, to enhancing profitability through loss prevention for forward-thinking businesses, we are proud to showcase the very best of Australian innovation.

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We're a bunch of talented people committed to success — for our customers, our company and ourselves. And we constantly strive for excellence. With experience across technology, business and retail industries, we're pioneers, innovators and collaborators and we feel deep pride in our work.


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Using computer vision to change the world for the better

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