5 things retailers need to know about our AI Checkout Solutions

Amelia Kirby

Need to offer your shoppers a more convenient shopping experience but prefer to stick with your existing hardware? Tiliter’s POS and self-checkout solutions mean you can get all the benefits you know and love from Tiliter's advanced computer vision without the need for new IT infrastructure or equipment. Simply connect our Tiliter processor and camera to your EXISTING hardware.

We work with your software provider to display our item predictions on your display screen. Get ready to offer your customers the ultimate checkout experience.  

The solution is a simple integration

As every retailer knows, offering a great shopping experience is the sum of its parts. If you have an incredible product range, a beautiful store fit-out and friendly staff, but the checkout is frustrating and slow, your customer walks out unsatisfied. A study by research group Forrester Consulting showed that 18% of customers would shop elsewhere to avoid lengthy queues and a bad check out experience*.

To stay competitive and offer a positive shopping experience from start to finish, savvy retailers are turning to innovative tech to improve the shopping experience. Let's look at five things you might not have expected from our checkout solution that your shoppers will love almost as much as you.  

    Say goodbye to unwanted plastic  

There has been growing public backlash against stores using plastic packaging for fresh items. Bananas and oranges seem to draw the most anger from consumers, as they're already in their natural packaging.

Tiliter software Identifies items without barcodes. The software is trained using AI to recognise the product itself; it's not dependent on labelling or plastic wrapping. This means that you don’t need to use those little barcode stickers on your fresh produce to scan them at the checkout. But even more significantly, you don't need to put any kind of packaging on your fresh produce at all.  

With Tiliter you can give your produce a plastic-free shelf-life and ditch the waste.  

    Enjoy flexible and seamless integration

Tiliter's Checkout Solution is accessible to everyone — really! We can integrate our software with your POS systems and self-checkouts. And integration with your existing tech is easy, quick and seamless for your software provider to set up, so you’re up and running fast.

We currently have customers on four continents using our computer vision tech to offer their shoppers a more convenient checkout experience. Many of those have chosen our checkout technology because it's so simple to get up and running with their IT systems without the need for additional infrastructure. The software processor comes pre-trained, with minimal in-store product training required, making it a straightforward plug and play option.

And because the set up doesn't need a constant internet connection to run, even the most remote store can get the benefits of the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech in their store.  

    Detect bags and eliminate loss from tare

In an ideal world, plastic bags would be a thing of the past. But until then, Tiliter can recognise produce items through plastic bags of any colour and netting used for organic products.  

This is useful when shoppers want to purchase multiple loose items and prefer to keep them contained. But beyond the convenience factor, there's a financial benefit that's important to retailers.  

Tiliter's power isn't just in identifying the type of bag used — it's in recognising if any kind of bag is used at all. For retailers that apply a tare weight to specific products, where a tiny percentage of the price is deducted to account for the use of a bag, they could be losing thousands of dollars a week in profit. Tiliter software can be programmed to apply tare weight only when a bag is used, which has an immediate effect on potential profit and can be used to calculate return on investment.  

    Differentiate between organics and non-organics

Retailers lose money when organic products are scanned and identified as non-organics, which are usually cheaper. Whether by accident or otherwise, this loss in profit on the purchase of organics soon adds up.  

Tiliter detects organic markings, such as organic specific labelling, stickers or packaging. The immediate benefit of this feature is profit.  

A Tiliter customer recently conducted a study into the sale of organic bananas and found that by correctly identifying organic bananas alone, they were able to see a return on investment. When applying the same model across your whole organics range, you could quickly see an even more significant ROI.  

    Prevent incorrect selection and fraud

One of the most loved features of our checkout tech is that shoppers using the self-checkout and cashiers at the POS get to skip lengthy, frustrating lookup menus. Tiliter uses advanced AI to identify produce accurately, so there's no need to scroll through pages of items. This makes shopping quicker and more convenient for shoppers. And it saves cashiers from having to remember and manually key in all the PLU codes.  

But aside from the efficiency, it also means that shoppers and cashiers can't select the incorrect item. Whether they meant to or not! According to a National Retail Federation survey, the average shrink rate for retailers in 2018 was 1.38%**. A significant problem, especially for larger retailers, and one they’re keen to avoid. Tiliter has the additional option to discretely alert the store manager if someone does manage to select an incorrect item, giving you an extra layer of protection from fraud. Happy days.  

Ready to join the AI revolution in retail?

Tiliter computer vision is smart AI that real people can use to automate and transform everyday situations. Check out our retail tech and get it in your supermarket.

* https://www.digimarc.com/resources/forrester-study  


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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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