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Felicity Mullens

Goodbye long checkout lines. Hello to a better shopping experience!

Good news for supermarket shoppers in South Australia! With two more Woolworths stores rolling out Tiliter Retail's
AI Scales, the fastest and safest way to shop for fruit and veg is proving a hit. Here's why using smart retail tech is the right move for retailers looking to give their customers a better way to shop.  

It's easy to use

Using Tiliter AI Scales to buy fresh produce is easy as 1, 2, 3. Shoppers with the Woolworths app are used to the convenience of scanning items with their phone and using self-checkout. But adding fruit and veg to the virtual shopping basket still involved a trip to the checkout. Our scales have closed that fresh produce gap, allowing shoppers to identify and weigh their fresh items in the supermarket's produce section and scan the barcode shown onscreen.  

Because the tech recognises the fruit automatically, there's no fiddly search menu to look through. You place your item on the scale, scan the barcode and pop the item in your bag. It's really that simple.  

Helping you shop COVIDSafe

There are a few reasons that Woolworths is encouraging customers to shop with Scan&Go in the Woolworths app during the current COVID resurgence. As we mentioned above, our cool product recognition tech means there's no need for a lengthy search menu. So there are fewer touchpoints on the screen. The tech identifies your fruit and veg in one go so there's only one confirmation touchpoint.  

With fruit and veg now part of the Scan&Go process, you can avoid the checkout altogether. This means no contact with the checkout conveyor belt. No extra hands on your shopping items. No close contact with the cashier, keeping you and them safer.  

Plus, with the ability to head straight out without checking out, you don't have to queue up in close proximity to other shoppers, and you're spending less time inside. It's also much easier to shop at a social distance. Our AI Scales are quite simply the safest way to shop.  

It offers a quicker shop

Let's dive into that speed benefit. Without the need for fresh produce search menus, shoppers can make significant time savings.  

On average, shoppers using a conventional self-checkout need 54s and 16 screen touches. Those using a self-checkout equipped with Tiliter Retail computer vision (AI Scales in Woolworths, for example) need 31s and six screen touches.  

Shoppers using Tiliter Retail products need 23s (42%) less time and 10 (63%) fewer touches.  

Those small time savings really add up!

Beyond the search screen, with the ability to avoid the checkout queues altogether and double handling by the cashier, the whole shopping experience is faster than ever before.  

Don't take our word for it

Watch this short report from Channel 7 about the Scan&Go launch in Woolworths in SA.  

Our AI Scales work seamlessly with the Scan&Go app in-store, and the verdict is in—it's a quick and easy shop for everyone. You don't need to be super tech-smart to use the most advanced artificial intelligence available to supermarkets today.  

More reviews from Google...  

"This product is great! I feel so safe using my phone to checkout rather than the scales and self-checkout (especially with Covid!). Everyone should try this for the best shopping experience ever!!!!" Christopher Weaver, AI Scales user.  

"This is exactly what we needed!!! Tiliter has completely elevated the customer shopping experience! I go out of my way to use (especially during this COVID period) when visiting woolies, so much more efficient!! I can be in and out of the store in half the time." Erin Laffey, AI Scales user.  

"I’ve been using Scan&Go and it’s brilliant for shopping quickly - with all the worries at the moment I can get in and out fast!" Jonny Wilkinson, AI Scales user.

Want to know more about our easy to use AI scales? Explore our smart supermarket tech products here.

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Felicity is Tiliter’s Marketing Specialist. She has a background in Media and digital Marketing and is a self-confessed lover of all things retail.

Felicity Mullens

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