Partnership between Cucos Retail Systems and Tiliter

Marcel Herz

Tiliter Partners with Cucos Retail Systems to propel Retail Innovation in the DACH Region

Sydney, Australia – 16 October 2023 – Tiliter, a leader in AI computer vision technology, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Cucos Retail Systems, a trusted retail technology supplier in the DACH region. This alliance marks a notable milestone in Tiliter's transition towards a software-centric approach, with Cucos taking on the role of providing hardware and operational support to retailers across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Cucos Retail Systems, with over ten years of experience, has been a trusted partner to retail giants including Edeka, Netto, ALDI, Rewe, Penny and Bünting Group. Their recent success in the computer vision space with innovative people and trolley detection systems underlines their progressive stance in the retail technology sector.

This collaboration marries Tiliter’s software solutions with Cucos’s hardware expertise, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. It is designed to drive significant value for retailers by integrating Tiliter's cutting-edge product recognition software with Cucos's reliable hardware infrastructure.

The partnership goes beyond a mere technological alliance. Both companies share a common objective: to equip retailers with the necessary tools and support to succeed in a rapidly evolving market. By leveraging each other's strengths, Tiliter and Cucos are well-positioned to deliver a comprehensive solution that enhances operational efficiency, elevates the customer experience, and provides a competitive edge to retailers in the DACH region.

Marcel, CEO of Tiliter, shares his optimism: “This alliance with Cucos Retail Systems echoes our shared ambition to innovate in retail technology. By merging our software expertise with Cucos’s hardware and operational support, we are setup to meet the unique needs of retailers in the DACH region.”

Stefan Balog, CEO of Cucos, comments, “"The alliance with Tiliter allows us to offer solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also tailored to the unique needs of retailers and customers in the DACH region. Together, we're elevating retail experiences through operational efficiency and customer-centric innovation."”


About Tiliter
Tiliter is a technology company specialising in AI-driven computer vision product recognition. With mature AI products already deployed with key clients including Woolworths, Tiliter is embracing a new phase of software and API development to continue its mission of transforming the retail industry. Tiliter won the 2022 RETA award for Best AI & Robotics Application for itswork with Netto in Germany.


About Cucos Retail Systems
Cucos Retail Systems, with over 10 years in the industry, is a reputable retail technology supplier in the DACH region. Their innovative solutions in computer vision technology and customer management systems are tailored to modernise retail operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


Marcel is our CEO and co-founder. A visionary and future-thinker, he keeps us inspired and motivated.

Marcel Herz

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