Loss prevention

Reduce intentional theft by flagging when a customer manually changes a highly confident AI prediction.

Feature Details

Tiliter computer vision products help reduce shrinkage and fraud, automate retail processes and offer shoppers a better experience.

In addition to accurate item identification, Tiliter's AI can help supermarkets reduce intentional and accidental theft at the checkout. The software recognises when a shopper makes an incorrect or fraudulent selection that doesn't match the prediction onscreen.

Get the information sent to your existing theft management system to be handled by your staff.

Improved in-store operations and a more convenient checkout for customers — Tiliter is retail tech for everyday.

Prevent shrink in your store

Shrink costs retailers nearly $50B each year. That stops here.


Highly accurate produce recognition.


Reduce option to select a cheaper item with no look-up menus.


Silently alert your store manager if a customer overrides a confident prediction.

Identify produce accurately, every time.

Reduce shrinkage and fraud while enhancing efficiency with AI.