Fraud prevention

Tiliter's software identifies fraudulent behaviour where barcoded items are scanned as loose items

Feature Details

Our AI system is specifically engineered to prevent the incorrect scanning of barcoded items as loose, unbarcoded produce.

This unique feature is a game-changer in fraud prevention. When our AI detects a barcoded item being presented as a loose item, it immediately intervenes.

The shopper is met with an informative on-screen message, directing them to the correct scanning method. This not only ensures transaction accuracy but is also an effective deterrent against intentional mis-scanning practices.

Implementing Tiliter's AI solutions means retailers can significantly enhance their defences against fraud, maintaining inventory integrity and providing a seamless shopping experience.

Flag fraudulent transactions

Tiliter computer vision products help reduce shrinkage and fraud, automate retail processes and offer shoppers a better experience.


Reduce intentional fraud.


Give your shoppers a better experience.


Keep your inventory accurate and up to date.

Identify produce accurately, every time.

Reduce shrinkage and fraud while enhancing efficiency with AI.