Bag detection

Apply tare weight only when a bag is used for fresh produce, to significantly cut costs.

Feature Details

The average weight applied to a transaction is 3g, but approximately 60% of produce items are purchased without a bag.

Supermarkets using Tiliter AI products can eliminate taring costs by automatically applying a tare only when a bag is detected. Unlike now when tare weight is applied to every transaction.

By applying tare weight to the individual transaction, supermarkets are able to make significant savings.

Through the Tiliter platform, you can gain rich analytics on waste and bag use at the checkout, enabling you to implement bag and plastic reduction schemes and meet sustainability KPIs.

Bag detection

Tiliter computer vision products enabling you to apply bag tare to individual transactions, not every time. Works with most translucent, compostable bags and netting.


Reduce mandatory bag taring.


Access data on bag usage and type.


Charge customers accurately for their fresh produce purchases

Identify produce accurately, every time.

Reduce shrinkage and fraud while enhancing efficiency with AI.