One AI Scale for supermarkets; multiple retail applications

Amelia Kirby

Supermarket scales, mobile checkout applications, online picking, convenience scales, barcode printers, analytics - when you’re investing in new technology for your supermarket, you want to know it can meet your needs across the shop floor. And not just for today. The supermarket landscape is changing all the time; with customer needs evolving, new product ranges and compliance obligations... retail technology needs to work without excessive burden on your infrastructure or the need for constant internal development, or ongoing training.  

Future-proofing your store against these fluctuations could mean investing in multiple solutions. Or you could choose the product that does it all — the Tiliter AI Scale

Mobile checkout applications

More and more supermarkets are giving their customers the option to shop in a brick and mortar store the modern way, with a mobile scanning app that offers multiple benefits. Inmar Intelligence found that 68 percent of shoppers use a grocery retailer’s mobile app while shopping.  

Retailers are seeing that Covid has accelerated the use of these applications because it minimizes interaction with store staff, speeds up the process and offers safe shopping.

There has been a gap, however, when it came to scanning fresh produce. Tiliter’s AI Scale for Mobile Checkout works with most in-store apps and lets customers include fresh fruit and veg and bulk items in the scan and bag process.

Shoppers place their fresh produce on the Tiliter AI Scale and scan the barcode shown onscreen with their mobile app or a handheld scanner.  

The automatic produce recognition technology identifies the item quickly without the need for annoying lookup-menus for a faster, more convenient shopping experience.  

Barcode printing

For stores without a mobile checkout app, the Tiliter AI Scale + Printer enables shoppers to print the barcode or QR code shown onscreen. They then attach the label to their produce for quick scanning at checkout. Again, there’s no look-up menu, so there are fewer screen touches needed. And cashiers don’t need to spend time searching the for the product either – no PLU code required!

With some countries legislating the need for a barcode on all fresh produce, the Tiliter AI Scale + Printer helps you easily comply, while still giving you the option to skip plastic packaging.

E-commerce order picking

How can AI help your online delivery service? The same powerful produce recognition tech that powers the supermarket scale helps your picking staff fulfill online orders quickly and efficiently.  

Staff place fresh produce or bulk goods on the Tiliter AI Scale, scan the barcode shown onscreen with a handheld scanner, and the weight or quantity and PLU information are added to the cart.

Convenience scale

For supermarkets looking for a modern approach to weighing produce, the Tiliter AI Scale offers shoppers a simple weight check scale in the fruit and veg section adding a little more convenience to their day.

Our customers don’t compromise on features and benefits

Tiliter AI Scale + Printer offers a rich feature set with benefits that help you do retail better.

  • Bag detection: Eliminate bag tare costs, applying tare only when bag detected
  • Organic markings detection: Instantly reduce shrinkage
  • Automatic recognition: Remove need for staff to manually enter weight or PLU for faster order processing
  • Fast recognition: 15 times faster than conventional checkout
  • Fraud prevention functionality flags incorrect transactions
  • Plug and play: the AI Scales work out of the box, minimising training time.
  • Analytics and reporting: Our customers have access to valuable transaction data through the Tiliter Portal

If you’d like to try out the smart supermarket scale that does it all, we’d love to show you.

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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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