How supermarkets can save time and costs with AI checkout solutions

Amelia Kirby

Let's cut to the chase: time is money at the supermarket. If you can improve operational efficiencies, drive down shrinkage and bag tare costs and speed up check out processes to increase throughput, you can save time and money. And you can still deliver an exceptional experience to your customers.

This is why Tiliter won the RETA award for Best AI Solution, along with our fabulous customer, Netto Marken-Discount. We're experts at helping supermarkets offer the most convenient experience for shoppers while improving in-store processes that save retailers time and money on running expenses.  Here’s how.

Produce recognition technology, made for supermarkets

An AI-powered POS (point of sale), such as the Tiliter AI Checkout Solution, makes it possible to create a modern, friendly shopping experience for your customers while creating efficiencies for your cashiers.  

Tiliter's tech automatically recognises fresh produce without barcodes, saving your cashiers from remembering PLU codes or searching through produce menus which allows you to reduce staff training costs. Plus, faster scanning means more items scanned, shorter checkout lines and increased customer satisfaction.  

For customers who like a bit of shopping DIY, you can fit the same clever AI Checkout Solution to your SCO (self-checkout) to decrease wait times at checkout and allow your cashiers to focus on other tasks such as customer assistance or inventory. Same product recognition tech, same time savings — however your shoppers like to check out.  

Seamless integration – seriously!

Tiliter AI Checkout Solutions integrate with your existing systems. It works with most scanner platforms and POS software. You can sleep easy knowing you don't have to pay for costly new IT infrastructure.  

Implementation is quick and painless, with minimal device training required. This reduces downtime at your store, enabling you to get on with serving your customers faster. Whether you're just getting started or looking to replace an outdated system, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Reduce plastic bag usage

Our POS and SCO solutions can identify produce without barcodes which enables you to reduce or remove plastic packaging for produce. Not only does this save packing time for your distribution teams, but it also creates a more sustainable shopping experience for your customers.  

Detect bags and eliminate loss from tare  

Tiliter's technology can reduce loss from unnecessary bag tare by using AI to detect when produce has been packed in the bag. This allows supermarkets to apply tare weight to the individual transaction. Unlike now, where tare is applied to all transactions. With an average of 2-4g tare applied by retailers, this can add up to significant savings.  

Differentiate between organics and non-organics

Our software can also help your customers get through checkouts quicker with their organic purchases. The AI takes the guesswork out of selecting the correct produce by detecting your store's unique organic marking tape or sticker and accurately costing the item.  

Prevent incorrect selection and fraud

Tiliter's POS and SCO solutions prevent incorrect selection and fraud and optimise the checkout process.  

If a customer selects the incorrect item or overrides the AI prediction, the system can send an alert to your store's systems so that staff can immediately take action. This prevents time-consuming mistakes, as well as reducing shrinkage. It also gives your store valuable transaction data to understand loss better and manage your inventory effectively.  

Simplify the scanning and checkout process

By making your cashiers' and staff's jobs easier, you give them more time to focus on providing excellent customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

With our AI solutions, your business will be able to cut down on waste and improve your workflow during checkout while maintaining high-quality service for your customers.  

When millions of dollars are being lost every year due to shrink and customer turnover, implementing innovative technology is essential for any supermarket looking to stay competitive and manage its operational costs.  

Check out our POS and SCO solutions for more.  


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Amelia Kirby

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