A smarter way to shop is here

Amelia Kirby

A smarter way to shop is here

Have you seen our smart AI Scales and Self-Checkouts in your local supermarket? They bring the very latest in supermarket technology direct to you, the shopper, giving you a faster, more convenient trip to the supermarket. With a little Tiliter magic thrown in.

What is it?

Tiliter’s easy to use AI Scales are weigh and identification scales that help you to buy fruit and veg easily. You don't need to search through a long menu on the screen, and they work with your Scan&Go app on your phone.  The Scales are smart, but they're not complicated so anyone can use them.

Our AI self-checkouts are powered by the same technology as the Scales (more on that below) and they also help you scan your loose produce items quickly and easily as you check out. Just bag and go!

How it works

The secret to our supermarket tech is powerful artificial intelligence that identifies your fresh produce automatically and accurately without needing a barcode or any packaging. Fast identification and no annoying search screen means you're in and out of the shop quickly and can avoid joining the checkout queue altogether.

Our AI Scales can be found in the fresh section of the supermarket. And you'll find the self-checkouts towards the front of the store.  

Here’s how to use the technology:

  1. Place your loose fresh item on the scale or self-checkout. One variety at a time!
  1. Scan the barcode onscreen with your mobile Scan&Go app. Or confirm the selection or quantity shown on the screen.  
  1. You're finished! Pop your item in your bag and congratulate yourself for using cutting-edge technology.

You won’t want to shop any other way

Tiliter AI Scales and AI Self-Checkouts have a bunch of features to improve your everyday shopping experience.

Once you experience the benefits of smarter shopping, we're confident you won't want to go back to the old way.

  • Convenient: no long search menus, scan your produce the same way as your other supermarket items.
  • Green: choose the eco-friendly option and ditch the plastic packaging for good.
  • Fast: Skip the queue, get in and out of the supermarket quicker, and get on with your day.
  • Hygienic: Stay safe by minimising your screen touches and avoiding busy queues.

Give fast, fuss-free shopping a try!

Check out our product recognition technology in the supermarket and see how much time you could save. Tiliter's AI Scales are conveniently located in the produce aisle of Woolworths stores around Australia and in Countdown stores in New Zealand.

Our AI powered self-checkouts are in local IGAs.  

Here’s what smarter shoppers have to say

"Quicker than going through those lookups menu lists." - Don, Tiliter Self-Checkout user

"Easy to use and super fast checkout." - J Hamilton, Tiliter AI Scales user

"It’s like magic and I love new tech. But most importantly it speeds up my shopping and checkout experience which is so important during COVID and also as a busy parent." - Bill, Tiliter AI Scales user

Better, smarter shopping is here.

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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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