Innovative AI tech is now a reality for retailers

Amelia Kirby

The Tiliter AI Scale + Printer not only adds speed and convenience to the supermarket checkout experience using innovative artificial intelligence — it's also one of the easiest fresh produce recognition systems to install in-store.  

Whether you’re a large global chain, or a small corner store, you can improve your processes, drive efficiencies and give your customers a faster way to shop, without the need for costly developer capabilities. With simple installation and software that's ready to go out of the box, cutting-edge AI tech is now a reality for retailers.  

How does the AI Scale work?

The Tiliter AI Scale works with mobile scanning apps and is already in-store in major supermarket chains across the globe. For retailers not using a scanning app, Tiliter's AI Scale with Printer is the perfect option. It’s part of the same end-to-end product recognition solution and is at the forefront of computer vision technology.  

The Scale uses world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to identify produce and bulk items automatically. Items can be package and barcode sticker free.  

Shoppers simply place their item on the Tiliter image recognition scale. The camera identifies items in bags or loose and scans the item's quantity and weight.  

Pre-trained with hundreds of produce categories, the Tiliter's computer vision software recognises items in less than a second, shaving minutes off checkout time. And as the Scale comes ready to use, it's simple for retailers to have access to the very latest in AI innovation without having to know how machine learning works.

Once the system has identified the item, a barcode is shown onscreen. The barcode contains all the information from your in-store database — price, name, weight etc. The shopper simply prints the barcode with one touch and places the barcode sticker on their produce item for scanning at checkout. Easy!  

Print&Go scale

The benefits of smart supermarket tech

The retail industry knows the frustrations that come with manual, time-consuming processes, and it's often slow to embrace change. But it’s important to address — Forrester Consulting reported that a massive 97 percent grocery shoppers in the US see long checkout lines as a deterrent to shopping.

For customers using the AI Scales, there's no need to search through annoying, lengthy menus so they can enjoy a much less frustrating checkout.  

Instant product recognition means fewer screen touch points, so it's much more hygienic than traditional search menus. In our effort to be COVID-safe, this has never been more important.

The Scale also knows if a shopper selects the wrong item and can add a warning into the barcode that alerts a staff member at checkout. So you get the peace of mind knowing that your customers can't select an incorrect item. Plus, the speed factor isn’t just beneficial to your customers — click and collect pickers and shoppers also benefit from fast product recognition and a more streamlined process.

For markets with legal requirements to print a label for produce (in Germany, for example), or where it’s already common to print labels and scan items at checkout, Tiliter makes this process easy with the added bonus of quick product recognition.

The checkout revolution

Self-checkouts have been around for a couple of decades now. But the experience has often proved frustrating for shoppers, particularly when it comes to buying fresh produce. Items aren't recognised, or there are ten apple varieties onscreen, and shoppers can't remember their item's name. Customers viewed self-checkout with suspicion initially, and uptake was slow.  

Many retailers want to improve their customer experience and digital footprint by looking to cutting-edge technology. But AI tech can be intimidating and it can be challenging to deploy in-store, with the need for expert IT staff to install and maintain the software.

Cut to today, and most major supermarkets have some form of self-serve checkout, and about 50% of people use them. With 88 percent of US adults wanting a faster checkout experience, more consumers now have an expectation that they will be offered a self-service choice at checkout. With Tiliter, the manual item search is a thing of the past — it removes those frustrations that came with self-serve checkouts.  

With the arrival of smart product scanning apps available on your phone, the evolution of self-checkout is happening fast. Retailers are eager to innovate. They want the benefits that leading AI tech can offer in this space, as well as being able to offer an improved customer experience.  

Scale in use

Bringing easy to use computer vision to the world

Artificial intelligence has shifted position in recent years and is more and more accessible. Tiliter's AI Scale and the tech behind it fit that demand for AI that's easy to adopt and implement — to offer computer vision solutions that can be harnessed by businesses of any shape and size to make every day people's experiences doing everyday things so much better.  

Tiliter is working at the forefront of AI and computer vision to revolutionise recognition processes. By enhancing experiences, and improving productivity and efficiency, we're changing the lives of ordinary people.  

Sometimes solving a simple problem is the most important. Studies show that businesses lose 75 percent of customers due to waiting times — we know people's time is precious. With Tiliter, your customers can check out faster, avoid long queues and keep socially distanced. A simple change to the shopping experience that can make a big difference.  

Tiliter AI-powered Scales are simple to get up and running in your store. Find out more here.

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Amelia Kirby

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