4 things retailers need to know about Tiliter AI Scales

Amelia Kirby

When you want to offer your shoppers a fast and convenient checkout experience and reduce loss and fraud across your stores, Tiliter AI Scales help you do both. The scale uses smart AI to automatically weigh and identify your shoppers' fresh produce items without the need for barcodes. So, it speeds up the scanning process AND means you don't make a loss due to misidentified items.  We’re going to take a look at 4 of the key features you might not know about our supermarket Scales, but first, let’s cover the basics of how they work.

The most advanced retail tech on the market

Tiliter AI Scales use the latest deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify fresh produce. But when it comes to the user experience, they're very easy to use. Shoppers simply place their fresh produce item on the scale, conveniently located in the fresh section of the store, and the system knows the type and weight of the item. The product recognition software displays a barcode onscreen that your shoppers scan with their scan and go mobile application. There are no frustrating search menus. And because it works with scan and go apps, it's flexible and there are minimal touchpoints.  

Retailers across Australia and New Zealand use Tiliter AI Scales to improve product recognition accuracy to reduce loss and fraud. Plus, they offer their shoppers just what they expect – a sleek, fast, fuss-free checkout. Let's take a closer look at what other benefits our customers enjoy.  

4 important features of AI Scales

  • Great customer experience – No frustrating lookup menus & fast product identification
  • Bag detection – Can detect if a bag is used and apply tare weight to individual transactions
  • Fraud prevention – Alerts store manager of incorrect product selection to mitigate fraud
  • Organics detection – Can differentiate between organics and non-organics
  • Pre-trained – Our model works out-of-the-box; no training needed  
  1. Great customer experience

Tiliter AI Scales are fast and accurate. That's because our computer vision is built with the cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision.

The Scales recognise 100s of fresh produce items, including all varieties you might expect to see in a supermarket. Think Gala, Red Delicious and Fuji apples; Dutch cream, Kipfler and Desiree potatoes; nuts, bakery goods and more.

With accurate product identification that improves all the time, your shoppers get to skip the frustrating lookup menu — the system knows what's on the scale, so it narrows the options down to a maximum of four. Shopper just scan the barcode onscreen and checkout without the hassle.  

  1. Detect bags and calculates TARE  

Plastic bags will one day be a thing of the past. In the meantime, our scales detect if you're using a bag which deliver a financial benefit to your store.

For retailers that apply tare weight, deducting a small amount of weight to account for the use of a bag for every transaction, they could be losing thousands of dollars a week in profit. Tiliter software can apply tare weight only when a bag is used, which can help prevent profit loss.

If your store is plastic bag free, that's great! Tiliter software identifies items without barcodes. The software recognises the item itself — not the labelling or plastic wrapping. This means that you don't need to use any type of packaging to scan at the checkout.  

  1. Prevents fraud

According to the National Retail Federation, shrinkage cost retailers $46.8 billion in 2018*. This is a combination of loss caused by admin errors, produce misidentification and fraud, and other operational errors. Tackling shrinkage is a big problem in retail. But in a crowded market, you've also got to keep customer experience at top of mind.  

There's no need for your shoppers to scroll through pages of items on the screen which makes shopping quicker and more convenient. But aside from the speed and convenience, it also means that shoppers can't select the wrong item, whether they mean to or not. Tiliter has the option of discretely alerting the store manager if someone chooses an incorrect item, helping to prevent loss and fraud in your store.  

  1. Differentiate between organics and non-organics

When organic products are scanned and identified as non-organics, retailers lose money. And this can impact your bottom line.  

Tiliter detects organic markings, such as organic specific labelling, stickers or packaging. A study carried out by one of our customers found that by correctly identifying organic bananas alone, they were able to see a return on investment.  

Take the stress out of the checkout

Tiliter AI Scales have been rolled out in large retail and grocery chains globally, giving shoppers a little more convenience and a little more time back, every time they shop. Contact us today to find out how your store could transform its service and operations with Tiliter AI Scales.


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Amelia Kirby

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