Spotlight: The Tiliter Retail Portal Team

Amelia Kirby

At Tiliter, we're passionate about building, designing and deploying innovative computer vision products for retailers, anywhere in the world. With a big vision, it's crucial to our success that our team is bullet-proof. Our portal team builds tools for managing our customers' systems around the world. These tools support our operations team and provide customers with insights into how their Tiliter systems are functioning.  

Our products and the incredible, diverse team of engineers that build them are at the centre of our company. In this series of blogs, we'll introduce you to the people behind the tech and dig into what fuels their passion. Let's meet the team!  

Ed Ong – Senior Software Engineer  

Ed joined Tiliter after work experience as a graduate engineer, where he moved into a software engineer role at a medical devices company writing software for low powered devices. It was here he met some of Tiliter's founders and core team members. Ed was drawn to Tiliter because he really believes in the awesome tech and was ready to make a contribution – this vision hasn't changed since he joined! He was also eager to understand what it was like to work at a startup (he confirmed it's great!)  

Ed loves solving different problems every day. He finds it rewarding because he's making a direct impact on various functions of the business. These challenges are always diverse and complex!  

We keep Ed on his toes, as he ensures the product he's building aligns well with the customer's wants and needs. Finding good descriptive names for files and variables is demanding — he finds it difficult not to get carried away with building something perfect.  

In Ed's eyes, it's a good time to join the team as it's currently growing, and there are lots of opportunities to learn and contribute. He finds it super exciting to see our tech enhance the retail experience and everyday activities.  

Mads Awale – Software Engineer  

Mads spent the past few years working as a field engineer at the largest datacentre in the Southern Hemisphere. He worked with networking hardware and electrical infrastructure daily, collaborating with network engineers and onsite technicians. Mads started learning programming as a means of automating and solving some common problems for the team. He realised that he was most fulfilled in his job when creating value and making processes more efficient with software, so he decided to seek a career in programming.  

Mads joined the team because he was inspired by the mission to democratise computer vision. A keen follower of Tiliter on social media, he got the feeling we were one of the most innovative companies in Australia. He wanted to work on software that leverages modern technology to solve real-world problems, and Tiliter was an obvious fit.  

Mads has found it mind-blowing that no one questions what is possible — everything starts with the end goal, and you work backwards towards a solution. Most of the time, it works out! Mads has found everyone helpful and friendly. The strong work ethic came as a pleasant surprise.  

The biggest challenge for Mads is to keep up with the fast pace. The products and team are constantly evolving, and every problem is unique.  

He thinks it's a great time to be a part of Tiliter because it's at a "sweet spot" — you can directly impact the business daily, and there are so many exciting projects lined up for the near future.  

Tom Hill – Software Engineer  

Tom previously worked in developer roles. These included monitoring Australian music piracy and an edutech startup which developed "digital science experiments" for students without access to science equipment.  

Tom became interested in computer vision while studying engineering at UNSW. He believes computer vision has evolved massively in the last decade and continues to! Tom discovered Tiliter through the UNSW Founders Program and was keen to join an exciting startup working on interesting problems in computer vision.  

Tom loves to learn from his colleagues around him. There's a lot of expertise on the team from Cochlear, Atlassian, Westpac, L3 Harris and Canva. You're constantly learning and evolving and never bored!  

Engineering is all about solving challenges in the most elegant way. For Tom, each day at Tiliter presents unique new challenges that you may not see elsewhere. We manage vast datasets for our model training and build tools that help our operations team be as efficient as possible. And we develop software to orchestrate thousands of custom-built devices in the field. Tom believes the range of the problem space is extremely far reaching at Tiliter, so if you want to go deep into IoT, ML pipelines, Web programming, database management and data engineering, Tiliter is the place for you! The team build solutions across the stack, often involving cutting-edge hardware and software components.  

So, why is it a good time to join Tiliter? Tom believes we're just getting started. You can have a lot of influence over the product at this stage, and you're given lots of opportunities to make decisions that will heavily impact the business.  

With new opportunities and exciting problems to solve, our engineering team is a great place to be. If you're interested in working at the forefront of computer vision products, Tiliter could be your next big move — check out our open roles here.

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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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