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Supporting supermarkets’ growing online delivery services, Tiliter’s AI products show a barcode on-screen for store staff to scan with handheld scanners. It's faster, more accurate picking.

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One smart AI-powered system, multiple retail use cases.

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Mobile checkout apps

Present a barcode on-screen for customers to scan with their phone.

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Barcode printing

For stores without a mobile checkout app, customers print the label themselves.

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Quick, convenient price checks in the fresh produce section.

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Autonomous stores

Suitable for stores where customers buy fresh produce by weight, not individual items.

Feature Details

Great AI is not just for your customers — Tiliter supports supermarkets’ growing online retail services too. Our computer vision products help your warehouse staff and online pickers to pick faster and more accurately.  

The software identifies non-barcoded fruit, vegetable and bulk goods in an instant, showing a barcode or QR code onscreen for store staff to scan with handheld scanners or an online order app.

We tune the UI to suit your online store picking staff and processes. It's a quicker, more efficient way to fulfil online delivery, click and collect and other e-Commerce services.

Click and collect made easy

Power up your online ordering.


Instantly reduce loss and fraud on bulk transactions.


No need to manually enter weight and confirm PLU.


Minimise staff training.

Cashier checkout using AI for a faster experience
Tiliter tracks supermarket anayltics and data for customers


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