The modern and convenient way for customers to quickly check fresh produce weight and pricing.

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Tiliter’s AI technology has multiple use cases across the retail ecosystem to offer supermarkets a better way to run their business.


Speed up click and collect and delivery processes for staff.

Mobile checkout apps

Quickly identify produce and bulk products without barcodes — scan the barcode onscreen.

Barcode printing

Barcode/QR code label printing for stores and customers without a mobile checkout app.

Autonomous stores

For stores where customers purchase items by weight.

Feature Details

Tiliter AI Scales replace the old-fashioned 'basket style' scales, giving supermarkets a more streamlined and up to date way to support their customers.

For stores that want to offer their customers a simple, fast weight and price check for their fresh produce, our AI Scale delivers item identification and weight verification in the grocery section of the supermarket.

The customer gets a speedy, accurate pricing and weight confirmation.

You get statistics on items purchased to enhance inventory management, focus your in-store advertising and improve the customer experience.

A new era of customer convenience

Quick, onscreen price and weight verification.


Modern technology for today's retailers.


Fewer on-screen touch-points for a more hygienic experience.


End-to-end shopping convenience.


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A better way to retail.

Tiliter computer vision products prepare your supermarket for tomorrow.