Plastic reduction

Tiliter AI recognises products without barcodes so you can say goodbye to plastic packaging.


Reduce costs and waste, prevent fraud and offer a convenient checkout for shoppers — that's Tiliter.

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Fraud prevention

Get an alert when item prediction is changed by the customer.

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Organic markings

Automatically detect organic/bio markings, such as stickers and tape.

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Easy device management

A one-stop-shop for analytics and managing your Tiliter device.

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Bag detection

Apply bag tare by individual transaction.

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Automatic item identification

Quickly identify produce and bulk goods without barcodes.

Feature Details

Tiliter’s unique AI software recognises products without barcodes. Using smart computer vision, the software identifies produce automatically, differentiating between even the most difficult sub-categories, such as Truss, Roma, and Gourmet tomatoes.  

This helps grocers eliminate wrapping or packaging and reduce unnecessary plastic use.

Get valuable bag usage data to meet you KPIs, packaging metrics and sustainability targets.

Say farewell to plastic wrapped apples and bananas and so much more.

Tiliter delivers the future of retail today.

Reduce plastic in-store

Tiliter's smart vision products help retailers reduce the use of plastic wrapping on fresh produce.


Improve sustainability.


Access data on bag usage and type.


Comply with plastic reduction legislation.

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