Detect organic markings

With the ability to identify organic markings to differentiate between organic and non-organic items, Tiliter helps retailers reduce loss at the checkout.


Reduce fraud and shrinkage, improve in-store processes and offer a more convenient shopping experience.

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Bag detection

Apply tare weight only if a bag is used to significantly cut costs.

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Automatic item identification

Accurately identifies fresh produce and bulk items without barcodes.

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Easy device management

Access valuable transaction data to improve your store.

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Fraud prevention

Alert staff if customer changes confident item prediction.

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Identify barcoded items

Exclude items that are not fresh produce, like wallets and phones.

Feature details

Organic produce is an average of 40% more expensive that non-organics. Retailers who can't ensure the correct item is scanned may lose profit.

As the sale of organic produce increases, it’s more important than ever to be able to differentiate between organic and non-organic produce.  

Tiliter’s computer vision can automatically detect organic item markings, such as stickers and tape.

This helps supermarkets tackle shrinkage from non-intentional theft and misidentification. It's a better way to sell organics.

Organic markings detection

Differentiate between organic/bio products and non-organic, by recognising distinctive organic markings.


Stop losing profit from organics misidentification.


Tackle shrinkage from non-intentional theft.


Prepare your store for the increase in organic purchases world-wide.

Organic identification helps retailers save money at checkout