Spotlight: New York's Westside Market uses AI to keep shoppers safe

Amelia Kirby

Nestled in the hustle and bustle of New York City is the unique, family-owned Westside Market NYC. Originating from Greece, the Zoitas family has built an exceptional chain of grocery stores with seven stores sprawled across the city. Westside Market has set the bar high for urban supermarkets by providing guaranteed freshness and premium quality that extends from their shelves to the dedication of their customer's wants and needs.


Westside Market has continuously adapted to consumer trends in the retail industry. Passion and innovation are at the heart of this business and the store’s partnership with FutureProof Retail (FPR) comes as no surprise. FPR are the leading provider of line-free mobile checkout solution, bringing the best of online shopping offline by creating mobile shopping applications for retailers.


The Westside Market NYC mobile application, which was built and designed by FPR, has optimised performance and profitability for the retail chain. The app enables customers to walk into any Westside Market, scan merchandise and pay in-app on your phone, while avoiding long lines at cash registers.

The adoption of scan and go technology in supermarkets has grown exponentially as retailers have had to enforce social distancing restrictions in-store. The app adds another layer of convenience for customers by providing product navigation – you can instantly find what you’re looking for.

It’s convenient, it’s quick and it’s easy.

Taking customer convenience to another level

Tiliter and FPR have partnered to launch the first self-service scale with product recognition, integrated with scan and go at Westside Markets’ store on Broadway.

Powered by the latest in computer vision, this technology makes the shopping experience even faster and seamless, and it's virtually contactless too.

FPR's mobile platform seamlessly integrates with the Tiliter AI Scale which helps shoppers by allowing them to add produce and bulk foods to their virtual shopping basket. Instead of entering a PLU number or manually searching through a menu, Tiliter's software automatically identifies the item and shows a barcode on the screen that the customer can simply scan with the Westside Market NYC app.

“Tiliter’s Scale with its powerful AI makes FPR’s already easy and frictionless solution even easier by enabling automatic recognition of products, dramatically reducing time spent in-store for shoppers.”

— Di Di Chan, President of FutureProof Retail.

Tiliter and FPR are continuing their expansion in the US market with Mothers’ Market in Los Angeles, the next supermarket to roll out produce recognition technology.

Find out more about Tiliter's AI Scales here.

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Amelia Kirby

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