Tiliter and Netto are honoured by EHI at the reta awards 2022

Amelia Kirby

In 2022 the global RETA awards have been presented for the 15th time, honouring retail companies for outstanding technology projects. The international jury of experts from business, academia and research choose winning projects across five categories, paying particular attention to the level of innovation and strategic or financial benefits.  

This year, Tiliter was recognised with the Top Supplier Retail 2022 award as Netto Marken-Discount’s solution partner in the ‘Best AI& Robotics Application’ category. 

Netto is one of the first food discount retailers to test autonomous shopping, exploring ways to optimise and create a modern and quick shopping experience for its customers. Tiliter is proud to be supporting Netto’s innovation evolution by supplying the computer vision power behind their point-of-sale systems. Tiliter’s AI Checkout Solution automatically recognises produce, removes the need for cashiers to enter PLU codes manually and provides retailers with transaction analytics.  

Netto has over 4,260 branch outlets serving 21 million customers a week. With a strong focus on fresh produce, the supermarket chain also works towards eight key focus points to reduce its own ecological footprint.  

By recognising products without barcodes, Tiliter enables the reduction of plastic packaging. The AI technology features include bag detection to reduce loss to bag taring costs, organic marking detection and fraud prevention to reduce shrink. Tiliter deploys its AI systems to retail customers globally, providing best-in-class recognition technology.

Congratulations to Netto and the Tiliter team for this win!  

Tiliter CTO and Co-Founder Chris Sampson said:  

"This project is a great demonstration of how Tiliter's technology is applied globally. The challenges of scaling have been the downfall of many computer vision projects, particularly product recognition. At Tiliter, we've solved the scaling problem and can adapt our technology to suit any retail environment. We're excited that Netto has embraced our technology and is ready to reap the benefits of proven state-of-the-art computer vision technology. Not only does our technology facilitate more accurate transaction data, but we're also assisting cashiers in keeping up with consumer demand for faster retail."  

Tiliter CEO and Co-Founder Marcel Herz said:  

"Seamless checkouts are increasingly a favoured, future-thinking solution. By simply integrating Tiliter's products, one of the largest retail chains in the competitive German market can increase its value proposition. Enabling the modernisation of Netto stores across the country, product recognition can replace the tedious work of memorising PLU codes or recognising items manually.”

You can read the full EHI Press Release here: https://www.reta-europe.com/top-supplier-retail/


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Amelia Kirby

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