The verdict is in — supermarket shoppers love using our AI Scales

Amelia Kirby

Supermarket shopping is part of modern life. For young and old from every walk of life, a trip to the shops is a regular part of our lives, but one that we’re always trying to get through quickly with as little fuss as possible. That’s where a little Tiliter magic comes in.  

Our supermarket scales make everyday shopping easier, for everyone. It’s powered by smart artificial intelligence, but it’s not complicated to use – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. But as always, we don’t want you to take our word for it. Here’s a little look at our (very!) varied shoppers, and how our AI Scales are enhancing their shopping experience.

Speeding up the shop for city workers  

Carl works in the property industry in the city. He’s busy, and constantly rushing between client meetings. Carl is tech savvy, but he hasn’t got time to concentrate when he’s grabbing lunch, so he uses our AI Scales and the Scan&Go Woolworths app to make his quick lunchtime trip to the supermarket more efficient.

"I love how convenient the Scales are. I'm usually on the phone or in between meetings when I duck into the shops so I don't have to think about what fruit or veg I'm buying or wait in the queue. I wish every store had it.”  

Eco-conscious shoppers can ditch the plastic

Sophie is a university student studying nutrition. Health and sustainability are important to her and she makes shopping choices based on the use of plastic and how eco-friendly the shop is.  She's always in and out of the shops to get fresh fruit and veg, and our AI Scales have made this so much easier. Sophie particularly loves that she can reduce the amount of plastic she uses as she can choose loose produce without any wrapping.

"I love how I can shop for veggies without plastic packaging, that's really important to me. It's very clever technology!"

Retired and cooking up a storm

Colleen loves spending time cooking for her family, which means she's a frequent shopper and is always buying nutritious fresh produce. However, since the spread of COVID-19, Colleen became very apprehensive about heading into the supermarket. Despite not being confident with new technology our AI Scales changed everything for her. She can now avoid long queues and minimise interactions with staff and shoppers. The AI Scales reduce the number of times she needs to touch the screen when she buys fresh produce which makes her feel safe.

"I now avoid stores that don't have the Scales or Scan&Go – I can't shop without it! I feel protected and secure now doing my shop, my health is my first priority. It's an absolutely wonderful concept."

Busy parents – no time waste!

Bill is a working parent and has a pretty full schedule. Shopping is a necessity rather than a joy, so he’s keen to make the supermarket trip as efficient as possible. He loves new tech so he was keen to try out our AI Scales and is pretty happy with the results.

“It’s like magic and I love new tech. But most importantly it speeds up my shopping and checkout experience which is so important during COVID, and also as a busy parent"

If you haven’t tried our AI Scales, head to your local participating Woolworths in Australia or Countdown in New Zealand. You’ll be using some of the smartest artificial intelligence available, anywhere — but all you’ll notice is a better way to buy fruit and veg. Find store locations and info on how to use the Scales here.  

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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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