US retailers get competitive with smart, cost-effective checkout tech

Amelia Kirby

Family-run grocer Ridley's Family Market has been a familiar name in the US Intermountain West for almost 40 years. Loved by their customers looking for value and a good range of organics, Ridley's has always been an innovative business, launching the first large-scale electronic coupon clearing system in 2008. Cut to today, and Ridley's is once again blazing the trail with advanced supermarket produce recognition tech integrated with its self-checkouts (SCO) giving their customers a more streamlined experience.  

Tiliter's AI Checkout Solutions can be retrofitted to your existing POS checkouts or SCO for a more convenient shop. Our customers, like Ridley's Family Market, can enjoy the benefits of fast, accurate product identification without the need for expensive IT infrastructure upgrades or complicated installs. With pre-trained devices that don't need a constant internet connection, stores large and small are up and running fast.  

Like Ridley’s, retailers using Tiliter's supermarket tech not only benefit from a faster, more convenient checkout experience — the software automatically and accurately identifies fresh produce, so there's no need for frustrating look-up menus, reducing shrinkage and increasing throughput. Plus, the technology is easy to use, saves shoppers and cashiers from remembering every PLU code, and helps avoid making an incorrect selection.

Benefits of Tiliter AI Checkout Solutions

  • Removes manual burden of PLU entry
  • Gives you valuable transaction data
  • Fast and accurate  
  • No look-up menu for fewer touchpoints  
  • Prevents shrink  
  • Cost-effective, seamless integration  

Tiliter reseller and POS provider Retail Data Systems (RDS) offers our game-changing computer vision tech to supermarkets across North America looking for a more efficient checkout process.  

Retail Data Systems (RDS) is well-established as the largest provider of Point of Sale (POS) products and retail technology in North America, so we're excited to partner with them to reach more markets with our ground-breaking computer vision. RDS is known for its unique, one-call support, providing service to over 20,000 retailers across North America. Plus, supermarkets integrating Tiliter's innovative technology with their SCO or POS systems can be reassured by RDS's trusted 24/7 local service and support.  

Tiliter Retail and partner RDS offer seamlessly integrated computer vision to help retailers reduce loss and improve the shopper experience. Take a closer look at our checkout solutions here.

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Amelia Kirby

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