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Amelia Kirby

Supermarkets are changing fast, constantly innovating and streamlining their processes to offer their customers more convenience. And they are keen to introduce sustainable initiatives to secure their place in the market today and for the future.  

One of the ways local retailers can ramp up efficiencies and work smarter is to adopt new technology in-store. Retailers across Australia and New Zealand have done just that, using Tiliter AI Scales to help them save time and money and offer their customers a more convenient and eco-friendly shop. So, what does this supermarket scale do that others can't? Here's what you need to know.  

Smart AI Scales that save supermarkets time

Tiliter's supermarket scales use the latest computer vision AI to automatically weigh and identify your shoppers' fresh produce and bulk items without the need for barcodes. The system offers more convenience for shoppers, with no frustrating search menus and minimised touchpoints. The scanning process is much faster and more efficient than using conventional scales.  

Shoppers simply place their produce item on the Scale, and the system identifies the type and weight of the item. The Scales recognise 100s of produce items, including all the common and not-so-common varieties: Gala, Red Delicious and Fuji apples; Dutch cream, Kipfler and Desiree potatoes; plus, it can recognise bulk produce like nuts.  

The screen displays the item's barcode, so supermarkets that opt for our AI Scale + Printer can print the label and attach it to their item for scanning at checkout.  

Improve efficiencies to save and even make money

According to the National Retail Federation, shrinkage cost retailers $61.7 billion in 2019*. This loss is caused by admin errors, produce misidentification and fraud, and other operational errors. With the high accuracy of Tiliter Retail Scales, shoppers have less opportunity to select the wrong item, intentionally or not. You also get the option to discretely alert the store manager if someone manually overrides a confident prediction made by the AI algorithm.  

The product identifies "not fresh produce" items, such as wallets, phones, photos, and barcoded items, which also helps to tackle intentional theft.  

Retailers that apply a tare weight to account for bag usage often lose a lot of money because they can't identify if a bag is used, so they deduct tare weight on every transaction. With Tiliter AI Scales, you can automatically tare the bag weight on specific transactions instead of every time.  

Supermarkets can further prevent non-intentional theft, also known as shrinkage, with the ability to detect organic produce. Organic items are often scanned as the non-organic, cheaper variety, costing the retailer thousands. Our Scales can instead present the correctly priced item, ready for scanning.  

Tapping into our device management portal will give you rich analytics on bag use and waste and even bag types so you can find efficiencies and implement waste reduction policies. The portal also enables online management of your Tiliter devices, automatic updates and remote support.

Want more? The user interface screen can provide retailers with space for direct advertising and engagement with their shoppers. Now that's smart!  

Offer customers and store staff a better experience

Customer experience is top of mind for retailers. We get that intrinsically at Tiliter because it's our focus too. Customers want a fast, efficient, easy shopping experience, and that's precisely what they get with the AI Scale + Printer.  

Your shoppers get to avoid time-consuming search menus and multiple screen touchpoints, so they can shop in a COVID-safer way. They also get to skip, or speed through, the queue, which reduces cart abandonment. A happy group of customers leads to lower customer turnover and a higher opinion of your brand — crucial in the highly competitive retail space. So, why not make their lives easier?  

Do your bit for the environment  

Customers are taking notice of which supermarkets are implementing environmental initiatives, and many retailers now have KPIs to reduce plastic use and waster. Tiliter's computer vision tech recognises produce without barcodes, so supermarkets can reduce wrapping fruits and vegetables in plastic otherwise needed for identification.  

Furthermore, with accurate product identification, you can keep your inventory up to date and correct, helping to reduce waste through ordering the correct items and quantity.  

Bring the benefits of computer vision to your store

Tiliter's easy to use tech makes everyday tasks better for everyone. With a local focus, combined with world-leading technology, we're helping retailers keep up with change, create efficiencies and prepare for whatever the future brings. Find out more about our retail Scales here.

*National Retail Security Survey

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Amelia Kirby

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