Enhance your growing eCommerce service with smart AI supermarket tech

Amelia Kirby

Aussie supermarkets are experiencing a boom in online shopping. Already on the rise and accelerating, Aussies are using e-commerce services more than ever before, with household names and plenty of new names offering click and collect and grocery delivery to your door.

According to IbisWorld, the online grocery market size is worth a massive $7.1B in 2021. And it has grown an average of 27.7% per year between 2016 and 2021.*  

Streamlining this process for your pickers and packers by making every step as efficient as possible is essential for supermarkets looking to compete in a very busy sector.

Here’s how AI supermarket tech can help online order fulfilment

  • Works with handheld scanners
  • Removes burden of manual PLU entry or weight confirmation  
  • Speeds up picking
  • Prevents loss from misidentification
  • Valuable analytics  

Speed up the picking process

Tiliter AI Scales help your pickers by automatically weighing and identifying fresh produce and bulk items quickly. Your store staff place the produce item on the AI Scale and the item’s barcode will be displayed onscreen for scanning with handheld scanners. Weight, PLU and price are added into the 'cart' automatically. It’s fast and convenient without long look-up menus.

Reduce staff training costs

Our AI Scales are powered by computer vision that recognises fresh produce accurately without a barcode or a PLU code. Your staff don’t have to remember endless PLU codes for fresh produce or bulk items which means you can reduce your training spend.  

Reduce loss with accurate scanning

Supermarkets are at risk of losing profit simply because the wrong item is identified by the picker. Either when they pick the cheaper item from the look-up menu inadvertently or because they don't know the variety they’ve picked.

With smart AI taking care of item identification, you can reduce human error. You get peace of mind that your inventory is accurate, you’re not losing out from items misidentified as a cheaper alternative and the opportunity for fraud is reduced.

Here’s an example process

  • The picker selects the produce item
  • Then places on the scale to be identified and weighed by Tiliter’s software
  • The picker scans the barcode shown onscreen

Make the switch to a modern e-commerce system

Tiliter’s AI Scales give you all the benefits of leading AI such as accurate fresh produce recognition, bag detection to eliminate bag taring costs and organic marking detection to reduce shrink. You don't need to have a mobile application so it's suitable for most stores. Plus, you get valuable transaction data to improve your business.

Your staff get a more efficient and convenient way to pick produce without lengthy search menus and without having to remember endless PLU codes or confirm the weight onscreen.

If your e-commerce system needs a revamp and you’re looking to reduce shrinkage, talk to us about our AI Scales today.

* Ibisworld  

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Amelia Kirby

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