Bridging the gap between AI and exceptional user experiences Part 1

Christopher Sampson

At Tiliter, we often talk about how exciting it is to be working in the field of artificial intelligence today. AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society, often in ways that we don't see or associate with AI — behind the scenes in your favourite social media service or smartphone app, subtly influencing your life.

Whether it's nudging you on what products you might want to buy, what experiences you want to see next or helping you find the best way to get to work in heavy traffic. AI is very much part of our everyday digital world.  

The IoT (internet of things) revolution has transformed the way devices and appliances become connected to share and present data. However, the A.I.o.T. movement is building momentum and will arguably have a much deeper impact. There is a long way to go for us to unlock the full potential of what AI can do.  

Today, beyond our smartphones and some internet-connected services, AI yet hasn't really made it into our things. We’ve talked about why edge processing for AI is essential to unlocking many applications.  

However, the possibility of delivering AI at the edge at scale, cost-effectively, has only recently emerged. The tools and processes required to deliver such applications are still in their infancy, and the opportunity space is broad and deep.

At Tiliter, we're leading the charge by building edge compatible AI with a range of applications with unrivalled user experience. We specialize in transitioning from connected devices to devices that truly have embedded intelligence.  

We're powering the A.I.oT revolution and making it accessible by building easy-to-use AI powered products. It's coming quickly and starting with your local grocery store as we pioneer the adoption of smart AI Scales.

This is all about the experience. The supermarket scale is a product that was previously a simple mechanical measuring instrument. While they have previously been digitised, at Tiliter we’ve embedded AI in our scales to deliver an unrivalled user experience.  

We're also doing the same at the supermarket checkout. Even older checkouts can be connected to our AI to make them smarter and provide a better user experience for cashiers and customers alike.  

Building AI-powered products for our retail customers is what we're great at. Making those products easy to use is where we excel. Find out more about why we’re putting user experience at the heart of what we do in part 2 of Bridging the gap between AI tech and exceptional user experiences. In the meantime, take a look at the products that we're designing with our customers at the centre of every decision.

Find Part 2 of this series here.

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Chris is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tiliter.

Christopher Sampson

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