Mobile checkout applications

Tiliter AI shows a barcode on-screen for customers to scan with their phone. It's time for a faster, easier, more eco-friendly shopping experience.

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Tiliter retail solutions support multiple in-store use cases, delivering a better way to retail.

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Store staff scan barcode on-screen for faster, more accurate picking.

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The modern way to offer a quick fresh produce price check.

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Barcode printing

Tiliter AI shows a barcode on screen that can be printed for scanning at checkout.

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Mobile checkout apps

shows a barcode on-screen for customers to scan with their phone

Feature Details

For supermarkets that use a mobile checkout app to speed up the shopping experience for their customers (Scan and Go, Scan and Pay, Pay and Go and more) Tiliter offers a better way to checkout without frustrating look-up menus.

Shoppers are empowered to ‘do it themselves’ while removing the burden from store staff and shrinking checkout lines.    

The self-serve experience has been missing the ability to scan fresh produce without barcodes in the same way as other barcoded products around the supermarket.

Tiliter AI shows a barcode on screen to be scanned by your customer on their phone with your store’s mobile shopping app. This offers shoppers a faster, easier more eco-friendly shopping experience, all from the palm of their hand .

Streamline the mobile checkout

Tiliter AI works with any mobile checkout app.


Offer customers a faster, easier way to checkout.


Close the 'fresh produce' gap for a full mobile checkout experience.


Skip the queue and save on plastic packaging.

Cashier checkout using AI for a faster experience
Tiliter tracks supermarket anayltics and data for customers


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Fast item identification for a more convenient shopping experience.