Barcode label printing

For stores and customers without mobile scanning apps, Tiliter AI shows a barcode onscreen that can be printed and scanned at checkout or to complete price calculations.

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Mobile checkout apps

Shows a barcode onscreen for scanning with any mobile checkout app.

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Quick weight and price checks for your customer.

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More efficient online retail delivery and click and collect.

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Autonomous stores

For stores where customers shop by weight and not individual item.

Feature Details

The Tiliter AI Scales + Printer give supermarkets the option to offer one-touch barcode or QR code label printing in the grocery aisle, without the need for a mobile checkout app.

The software quickly identifies fresh produce and bulk products such as nuts and confectionery without barcodes and shows the barcode (or QR code) onscreen.

Customers simply scan or print the barcode for a faster checkout or to complete the price calculation.  

With many countries now mandating the need for a barcode label, Tiliter makes this simple.

Barcode label printing

The solution for stores and customers without a mobile checkout app.


Fast, automatice produce and bulk item recognition.


One-touch label printing for an efficient and hygienic experience.


Can be customer or store staff facing.

Cashier checkout using AI for a faster experience
Tiliter tracks supermarket anayltics and data for customers


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