Tiliter welcomes new product manager and adds to its growing talent pool

Paulwyn’ will be looking at how we can take our computer vision products built for specific use cases, expand the usability and generalise the solution to create a platform for all object recognition use cases.

We are delighted to welcome Paulwyn Devasundaram to Tiliter, as our new Technical Product Manager.

A Computer Science grad from the University of Queensland, Paulwyn’s resume would make the most ambitious of techs wide-eyed. She comes to Tiliter from an Engineering Leadership role at Australian unicorn and global design dominator, Canva. And before that, as an Engineer at Australian productivity powerhouse, Atlassian. So, we’re feeling extremely lucky to add Paulwyn’s skillset to the team.

During her time at Canva, Paulwyn worked on numerous key projects on the payment and security systems and played a significant role in getting the company ISO27001 certified. She initiated a coaching program for women engineers, helped organise a hackathon, was part of the engineering foundations team and led the business unit responsible for collecting and analysing customer feedback.  

While at Atlassian, Paulwyn worked on the transition team moving JIRA to the cloud and enjoyed developing a number of features in her engineering role.

Why Tiliter?

For Paulwyn, it’s all about the tech.

“The most exciting part for me about working with Tiliter is the technology. Object recognition and computer vision systems are at the cusp becoming ubiquitous, and Tiliter is poised to ride this wave. So, it's very exciting to be part of a team using emerging technology to solve real world problems. And bring that powerful technology to everyone.

Paulwyn was already connected with some of our Tiliter team before her move, and she recognised a bunch of people who are genuinely excited by and dedicated to what we do. She found that very relatable — happily for us!  

Aligned values create the perfect fit

Key for Tiliter was the perfect synergy of our values. Paulwyn understands what we’re doing at the forefront of the computer vision space. And she can see the value and opportunity that our work in object recognition will bring the world.  

“Right now is the time for computer vision. We’ve got this great opportunity to accelerate that and put it in front of people.  The biggest challenge we have is communicating to people that not all computer vision problems are solved! There’s lots of work to do and that’s the spot we’re working in”.

Tiliter Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Chris Sampson, couldn’t be happier to have Paulwyn onboard.  

‘Paulwyn has a lot of experience, not just as a tech leader and in understanding the product, but in team structure as well. That’s just what we were looking for in our talent search. Someone who understands the scope and the big picture opportunities for computer vision and how to get there.”

In Paulwyn’s role as Technical Product Manager, she’ll be looking at how we can take our computer vision products built for specific use cases, expand the usability and generalise the solution to create a platform for all object recognition use cases.

She wants to build solutions that every day people want, and that are easy to use. For Paulwyn, making our products accessible is important — they’re not just for engineers. With her eye always on the future, Paulwyn’s future-vision thinking hits the spot for Tiliter, as we grow rapidly in 2021 and continue to expand our reach globally.  

Get ready to ‘go big’

Paulwyn knows how large tech companies tick and she’s looking forward to getting her hands dirty, working across the teams in Tiliter to bring our business and products to the next level.  

“'People want products that just work. Accurate, thoughtfully designed solutions that are fit for purpose and accessible to all. We would like Tiliter to be the go-to platform for anyone wanting an object recognition solution for anything.” Paulwyn explains.

For Chris Sampson, Paulwyn is the right person to make Tiliter’s vision to accelerate the democratisation of computer vision a reality. He adds that “We’re happy Paulwyn can fill this strategic leadership role and be a champion for women in tech. By leveraging Paulwyn’s leadership, technical and engineering experience, Tiliter is taking a big step forward.”

Want to work at the forefront of computer vision tech? Be like Paulwyn — check out our open opportunities at tiliter.com

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