Tune in: Tiliter talks to Microsoft about bringing AI to the world

It was a privilege to feature on the Microsoft Tech Exceptions live stream to talk computer vision

This week, we were honoured to feature on the Microsoft Tech Exceptions live stream with Microsoft Sr Cloud Advocate Ruth Yakubu. Our CTO and Co-Founder Chris Sampson and Paulwyn Devasundaram, our Technical Product Manager, talked about how Tiliter is leading the way with revolutionary deep learning, computer vision and AI to identify products without barcodes.

We heard how Tiliter works with retailers to identify a variety of items like fruit and vegetables across supermarkets. And how the tech helps retailers remove lengthy search menus from the checkout, reduce shrinkage and plastic packaging, and offer their shoppers a better shopping experience.

Chris and Paulwyn also highlighted some of the features of Tiliter tech, such as our bag detection and organics detection capabilities. And we heard about how we use custom computer vision and AI on edge devices, using Microsoft's Azure Container, Azure IoT Hub.

A fun, informative morning with our friends from Microsoft! If you missed it, catch up here.

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