Tiliter is officially A Great Place to Work — find out what makes us tick

Tiliter is officially a Great Place To Work, but don't take our word for it. Our team got to have their say, and results didn't disappoint. Find out why here.

Tiliter has been certified as A Great Place to Work. We already knew that, but now you don't have to take our word for it! Our people got to have their say in a Trust Index survey© and our answers were combined with a review of our culture, programs and practices. We happily met the benchmark to be Great Place to Work Certified™. And we also got lots of insights into how our employees feel about working at Tiliter that we can take action on to keep improving. Here are the things that got our employees’ attention.

How did Tiliter meet the brief?  

We manage our days with an agile approach, which gets a big tick from our people. We don't have a 9-5, and our full-time staff are empowered and enabled to work their day when it suits them. For some, this means an early start and early finish to pick up kids. Others complete coursework during the day and get back online in the evening. Our night owls and early birds can keep to their routines. And cross-continental meetings are part of a 'normal day'.  

The ability to work remotely once or twice a week gives people time back in their day to get the things that are important to them done. They get to tick something off their to-do list, and the company gets a less distracted employee who's focussed on the task at hand.  

Another thing our employees love is the support from their managers. We have regular one-on-ones where we're supported and nurtured to achieve our best as individuals and part of a team. We have access to a range of professional development courses for free. And career progression is always on the table — this means we're invested in the future and success of Tiliter together.  

It's no surprise that our innovative environment is a big point of satisfaction for our teams. We push the boundaries every day, working at the leading edge of artificial intelligence and deep learning, supported to go big and take risks. We work with and attract the best of the best talent in the tech world and are proud of it.

Tiliter is a great place to work
Why is this better for our business?  

Being a certified Great Place to Work has plenty of benefits beyond the cool badge.

It helps us scale

Our healthy work culture helps us succeed in a busy market. Our investors, candidates and partners know we're good people to work with.  

It helps us focus on innovation

We have an Innovation By All culture at Tiliter. So we can be more creative, get things done faster and be more agile.

We attract the best talent

We're certified as a great place to work. Our applicants see right from the start that we're a high-trust company with excellent retention.  

We know what's working well

The survey gave us valuable insights and metrics into what's working well at Tiliter and what we could improve. Continuous improvement is vital to our success.  

Tiliter is officially a great place to work; you don't have to take our word for it. So if you're looking for a fresh start and you're great at what you do, check out our job openings here.

* https://greatplacetowork.com.sg/

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