Spotlight: The Tiliter People Operation Team

Our HR team were agile and quick to change the norm when faced with some of the harshest challenges in the workplaces since the pandemic. Let's meet these superstars!

Our People Operations team at Tiliter keep our business wheels turning and keep the rest of us organised. Starting with the interview and onboarding, the team is the first point of contact for each employee. From that point on, they care for employee well-being and assist in career development. HR departments today are confronted with the added challenge of guiding teams through a global pandemic. Our team has done a fantastic job during this time, remote onboarding new team members, keeping us motivated during lockdowns, and keeping every employee worldwide healthy and happy. Our rockstar People Ops team has charged at these challenges head-on — let's meet the team.  

Natalie Singue – People Operations Generalist  

Natalie joined Tiliter after an internship that led to an HR generalist role and then jumped into a People and Culture Coordinator role at an engineering company.  

Natalie was drawn to Tiliter as she believed there was something different about the company, especially because her experience had previously been at companies that had been around for 40-100+ years. She saw the opportunity to build from the ground up and establish the right policies and procedures. And she was also excited by the tech Tiliter builds and could relate to the consumers whose lives we make easier.  

Natalie loves working with a diverse mix of people across departments. No day is the same at Tiliter, and she needs to be ready to shift priorities which is all part of the fun! She finds it pretty special that we can change someone's life by offering them a job, so being respectful is very important. Natalie finds the onboarding process a great opportunity to meet all the new team members and build a connection with them right from the start!  

Lockdown and remote working has made it more difficult for Natalie to gauge how all employees are. This can lead to added pressure on the team to keep employees engaged. She also enjoys the challenge of sustaining the incredible culture we're cultivating at Tiliter as we continue to grow.  

Natalie strongly believes that it's a great time to join Tiliter because we're growing! It's an exciting time to watch the company reach its potential over the next few years. Also, we recently came 3rd in A Great Place to Work in Aus – so why haven't you applied for a role yet!?  

Ella Mannix - Talent Acquisition Manager  

Ella came to Tiliter after many years in recruitment, spanning across a creative recruitment agency in London to in-house recruitment for a private hospital. She has also launched her own events business. Ella had enough of the big corporates and was eager to work for a company with a vision and a passion for making a change in the world — cue Tiliter. Ella wanted to help build a strong employee brand where people want to work and is recognised as a great place to work.  

For Ella, Tiliter doesn't feel like work, and she loves every minute of it! She speaks to people from all different walks of life, experiences, mindset and passions. Ella finds it pretty special to match the right person to the perfect job and change someone's life. Ella also finds it challenging onboarding people remotely in lockdown. The team does an excellent job at bringing people together, but it's hard to beat that face-to-face connection.  

Ella believes now is a GREAT time to join the team because it's such an exciting time to jump in on a fast-growing startup and play an essential role in hitting our worldwide goals. It's awesome to belong to a company that encourages creativity and innovation and listens to everyone's ideas. There's a great opportunity for career progression. And of course, we do care about our employees.  

Genevieve Gorin – People Operations Manager  

Genevieve was familiar with the hustle and bustle of the startup world before jumping onboard at Tiliter. She worked in the HR team at a fashion tech startup in New York, and before that, she worked in HR in the property industry. Genevieve was attracted to Tiliter by the opportunity to build a department from the ground up and make a big impact in the business. Plus, she could play a part in a leading tech company that has a big goal to change the world for the better.  

The People Ops team is small, so there's lots of variety within the role – the team works on many different projects and touches all aspects of HR, from reviewing and benefits to onboarding. Genevieve loves keeping a pulse on our employees' needs and creating new ways to deliver and improve employee engagement and well-being. Working across different countries and with people from different cultures always makes Genevieve's job interesting, and she never stops learning.  

Similar to Natalie, the pandemic and remote working has placed a big challenge on Genevieve's role. She thinks it's awesome that everyone can work from home and have the flexibility, but it can be difficult to create real human connections through a computer screen.  

If you haven't figured it out already, the team genuinely care for each employee, and for Genevieve, that's why now is a great time to join Tiliter. "There's so much opportunity here; with many challenges come big rewards with an awesome team! Plus, how could you look past our benefits program? Gym assistance, well-being check-ins, awesome company SWAG, WFH allowance and an occasion free long weekend – how could you say no!?"  

It's reassuring to know that our People Operations team feels a deep sense of pride for Tiliter and is invested in ensuring the best experience for everyone that walks through our doors. They listen to us, they give us advice, and they really take care of us. How lucky are we! Join this amazing team today.

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