Spotlight: The Tiliter Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is made up of a bunch of tenacious, creative and motivated people. We dig into the diversity of each member, how they ended up at Tiliter, and more!

Every person who walks through the door at Tiliter joins us with a different story and perspective. But we are all united by the same drive to succeed and work hard. The diversity we celebrate at Tiliter makes for a special place to work. Valuing the differences of others is what ultimately brings us all together and is the secret to our successful, thriving workplace and fair work culture.  

Our Marketing Team is an intersection of different cultures, nationalities, ages and personalities that forms the perfect package. We have creative thinkers, strategic minds, big ideas and contagious energy and passion. The team is expanding, and we're always looking for the perfect addition to complement the group. Let's find out why now is an ideal time to join these marketers.  

Melissa Morphet – Marketing Manager

Melissa heads up the Marketing Team as a fierce and compassionate leader. She has experience in Marketing Strategy and Category Management within the retail sector, including grocery in Australia and apparel in the US. Melissa founded her own broth company that was ranged in Woolworths. She has a passion for learning about consumer needs and is driven by product gaps in the market.  

Melissa was immediately drawn to Tiliter after a great experience working in a startup environment with her broth business, influencing a vision from the ground up. Tiliter reflected an inspiring business, plus Melissa understood that tech is changing consumer behaviour rapidly, and she was eager to jump onto that trend.  

The team touches most facets of marketing within a fast-paced environment, which Melissa finds most interesting about her job. She's also driven by her love for the grocery industry and feels rewarded by being able to touch the everyday consumer.  

Melissa is challenged when, rather than changing or altering the product to solve user problems, she can influence the consumer through insights and knowledge. The ever-changing ecosystem of digital marketing challenges her to stay on top of the next generation.  

So, why is it a good time to join Tiliter Marketing? Melissa believes it's not often you get the chance to join a company with so much scope. We are centralised through one core team in one country but work to a global strategy. It's very powerful to learn about different markets, their needs and commercial outlooks and have variety in your marketing campaigns.  

Matt Kirk – Growth Marketer  

Matt is a strong strategic thinker. He can merge data and analytics with creativity to produce unique growth campaigns. Matt has had a diverse career running his own agency and working across various sized companies and sectors, including international trade, fintech and investment.  

Matt saw the potential for Tiliter to become the next big startup coming out of Australia. He jumped on board as Tiliter was changing the game in the sector with software and hardware subscription offerings. He saw this as a unique opportunity.  

Every day presents a new challenge for a growth marketer at Tiliter, and Matt enjoys playing his part in a team that drives the business forward. He's driven by the variety of projects we work on and that each individual is pushed to achieve great results within an awesome team.  

Matt believes that the team's biggest challenge will always be to maintain the creation of compelling content and competitive advantage. At Tiliter, we're well-positioned to use our data on customer behaviour to engage them better. And also to create new customers. The team is working on staying ahead of the game and producing great results for customers.  

Why does Matt think it's a great time to join Tiliter? For Matt, it's the new and exciting projects driving customers in new regions – you get to experience and feel the company's growth every day. It's rewarding to know your work is fuelling this growth.  

Felicity Mullens – Marketing Specialist  

Felicity is the Marketing Specialist, and her work spans different aspects of the team, including digital, social and strategy. She joined the team with experience from food brands operating in retail, publishing and social media. Felicity was operating in agency land in marketing, advertising and paid media with clients ranging from entertainment and FMCG to luxury fashion.    

When Felicity found herself on a career path that didn't excite her, she was ready to dive headfirst into a company that could ignite her passion and that had the vision to drive change for the better. Tiliter presented the perfect opportunity — she could see the vision, and the energy of the company grabbed her from the start.  

She finds the application of tech and computer vision to everyday life for every consumer fascinating. It's unreal to see first-hand the impact tech can make on day-to-day activities. A small team means we can touch many aspects of marketing, pushing the team to be agile and work quickly. There's never time to get bored!  

For Felicity, the biggest challenge in her role is adapting and being versatile for each region the company operates in. Tiliter solves different problems for customers all over the world. It's therefore important to tailor the strategy, content and direction to engage and speak to customers wherever they are.  

In Felicity's eyes, it's a great time to join the team because you get the opportunity to wear many hats and learn on the job. Every individual in the team brings a different perspective and skillset which helps each of us to become well-rounded marketers. The team doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can have a laugh every day!  

Sophie Soley – Visual Designer

Sophie is the visually creative mind in the team, and her magic touches all elements of Tiliter's brands and look. Sophie is a true artist with a range of experience from architecture to visual design. She's worked with individuals and companies worldwide on fun and successful projects, from creating animated banners for Nine News to helping smart lighting startups establish their branding.  

Sophie saw Tiliter as a company that allows everyone's talents to grow and glow, cultivating each employee's skills and abilities. Sophie finds this environment very conducive to her productivity, and she's glad of the opportunity to improve her skills constantly. This allows her to remain passionate about her job and express her creativity to the best of her ability.  

For Sophie, balancing thinking with doing is as exciting as it is challenging. She thinks it's fantastic that everyone understands design in a bigger context at Tilter, and sees it as essential that her team understands the unique facets of design beneath it.  

Why is now a good time to join the Marketing Team? Sophie believes that Tiliter is an exciting Australian technology startup that allows everyone to make their mark on one of the most talked-about technologies of today. And to bring the promise of AI systems to the world. As a well-funded startup with high growth potential, Sophie is excited by the opportunity for accelerated career progression and to become a critical early member of the Tiliter team.  

The most interesting part of the job for Sophie is that marketing messages need to be constantly creative, innovative and transformative to stand out from competing messages. We have to continually work on new ways to approach a problem and think outside the square. Creativity and innovation are what we do every day, and that's just what Sophie loves.  

Amelia Kirby – Content and Technical Writer

Amelia our very talented content and tech writer; she is the voice of Tiliter and communicates perfectly who we are and what we want to say. She comes from over 15 years of experience in IT, from Service Delivery and Customer Service Management to Business Partnership. Communication was the common thread throughout her career, being a conduit between tech and business teams. Amelia switched to Content Writing in marketing and tech full-time five years ago and hasn't looked back!  

Amelia is a tech-geek at heart, so Tiliter's work with computer vision sounded exciting to her and offered new ways for companies to be sustainable. The role allowed Amelia to progress her career, combining writing and comms with tech. And Tiliter's flexible approach allows her to fit in being a parent with a fulfilling career.  

Before joining Tiliter, Amelia didn't know much about computer vision, so she found it fascinating to learn about its broad applications and how it can help so many different industries. She loves working with household names, using computer vision to make a difference to everyday people doing everyday things.  

Amelia's biggest challenge in her role is the need to adapt to different regions and markets and make sure we're offering prospects informative and engaging content that stands out from all the digital noise. At Tiliter, we need to wear multiple hats and switch focus quickly, keeping quality and our customers' needs front of mind.  

And why does Amelia believe it's the best time to join the team? As a growing company, Tiliter is still small enough to stay close to the tech and the innovation but large enough to be creative and take on big projects and new initiatives. It's energising for Amelia to be part of something early on, meaning we all feel invested in the business and our success. It's a great time to make your mark!  

There is no denying this is a talented, agile and diverse team that shares unmatched energy and motivation to drive the best marketing outcomes possible. It's a special time to join this team and make your mark on the world of computer vision. Find our open roles here.

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