How Tiliter keeps deployment agile with Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT has allowed us to stay agile and deploy our software to any of our devices anywhere in the world.

Please note: This article by our CTO and Co-Founder, Chris Sampson, was first published and appears in full on the Microsoft CTO Cookbook. The following is an excerpt from the publication.

Deploying AI with Azure IoT Hub

From the early days at Tiliter, we were shipping our products all over the globe. This was great for us as a business. However, as a small start-up with a handful of engineers, managing these deployments in multiple regions was not without its barriers. We needed to offer our customers a reliable product, consistency and speed.

The IoT Hub is a great out of the box tool that gives us a cloud-hosted backend to connect our devices virtually. So, we can remotely manage our devices and scale our deployments with ease. Using the Azure IoT Hub also means we have the added benefit of knowing our devices are securely connected to the internet without building or maintaining this service in-house.

Azure IoT has allowed us to deploy our software to any of our devices in any region with ease. A great advantage for any business in the start-up and scale-up space.

To read the article in full, please head over to Microsoft CTO Cookbook.

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