Happy, healthy teams make a workplace culture with a podium finish

We're thrilled to announce that Tiliter is Australia's 3rd Best Workplaces for 2021! We've worked hard to create an exceptional culture that keeps our people happy.

We've got some excellent company news to share! Tiliter has made it to Australia's Best Workplaces List for 2021! Ranked #3 on the list in the virtual reveal on August 4th, 2021, we're celebrating an achievement made possible by every team member that contributes to our fantastic work culture.  

The awesome AI tech we build is only part of our story. Happiness in the office is as essential for our CEO, Marcel Herz, as the satisfaction of our customers.  

An office less ordinary

We've got some of the best workplace perks around. Starting with operating a flexible workday for our full-time employees. Instead of traditional 9-5, our people are trusted to start early, finish late, and work from home a few days a week. Rather than affecting productivity, this approach gives our people the freedom to do what's important to them in the day, whether that's extra study or child care, or they simply prefer the night shift! When people are happy and unstressed by all their commitments, productivity soars.  

We're quite an active team, and we understand the value of keeping fit when looking after our mental health. We offer our employees subsidised gym membership, team fitness challenges (5k a day!) and enjoy group stretching sessions with our resident yogi to fight lousy desk posture.  

Our HQ in Sydney is a great mixture of work and play. We have the obligatory tech start-up ping pong table to help us blow off steam and 24-hour access to snacks and great coffee. We also have plenty of calming break out spaces where folks can get some time to chat or get away from the desk. Our auditorium space is perfect for our all-hands meetings, where we get up to speed with the latest projects, always taking time to shout out team members who've gone the extra mile and sharing personal news to keep us connected. It's never a chore coming into the office.

Riding the coronacoaster

The 2020 lockdown meant that Tiliter and thousands of other businesses in Australia had to close the office and work remotely. As things got back to 'normal' in early 2021, our team began to expand, and we moved into our fab new office in Ultimo, Sydney. However, if the last year has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected. So, we find ourselves in lockdown again, this time with a much larger team across three continents.  

Once more, our team has stepped up without hesitation. Regular check-ins, all-hands online, and great collaboration tools like Slack and MS Teams keep us connected and productive.  

We recognise that there can be a toll on people's wellbeing during this time, so we've ramped up the support. Our wellbeing-wellness group chat keeps us motivated and inspired with nature photos, puppies, recipe ideas and mental health support and advice.  

Our champion People Operations team surprised us with thoughtful care packages in the mail, complete with snacks (we do like our snacks at Tiliter) and company swag to put a smile on our faces. Plus, we’ve all been treated to Uber Eats gift vouchers to keep us caffeinated, and a handy work from home allowance to make sure our workplace setup is comfortable and suits our needs. We’re all feeling very well looked-after.

The future is bright

Whatever this year holds for us, we've got each other's backs at Tiliter. While recognition as one of Australia's Best Places to Work makes us incredibly proud, we already know how lucky we are to work at a company with purpose.

"Our mission is to democratise computer vision. But ultimately, I want our people to say that they were happy and had a great time working at Tiliter. If we can achieve that, I consider Tiliter a success." Marcel Herz, CEO and Co-Founder.  

Want to work on the world's most advanced AI at Australia's #3 best place to work? Of course, you do! Our open are positions here > www.tiliter.com/careers

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