Better together — how corporates and start-ups work and thrive together

Join Tiliter, Salesforce and Quantium at the ‘Better Together’ online event to learn how start-ups and corporates can thrive when they work in partnership.

This June, Tiliter will partner with Salesforce and Quantium to host Better Together, an online event to explore how corporates and start-ups can work better together.  

We’re delighted to welcome three speakers that span the business spectrum to offer their insights and experience into how strong partnerships can lead to mutual success; fostering growth, collaboration and innovation.

Joining us will be our partners Merlin Luck, the Regional Vice President at Salesforce and Ron Makins, Executive Manager, Revenue Operations & Strategy, Global Markets at Quantium. As well as Jane Yuan, Sensors and IoT Product Manager at SafetyCulture and our very own Matt Mack, Head of Operations at Tiliter. Paulwyn Devasundaram, Product Manager at Tiliter, will be our moderator for the session.

We'll kick off with a deep-dive into our speakers’ experiences and expertise, digging into the benefits of partnerships, optimal timing for growth and pitfalls to avoid. Merlin, Ron and Matt will share their insights on how working with corporates can help start-ups scale up. We’ll look at how start-ups can grow with the help of corporate mentoring and market knowledge. And we'll discuss how these close partnerships can bring new revenue streams and business lines for both parties.

Learn how to get the best out of working better together from experts from the start-up and corporate world.

Location: Online
Time: 1.00 pm — 2.00 pm
Date: 3rd of June

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