Automatic product identification at the supermarket checkout


Tiliter Technology has created a breakthrough product called the Tiliter Vision. With highly successful results across many different environments the Tiliter Vision System is able to detect any fruit or vegetable placed in front of the device and is easily integrated into any Point of Sale (POS) or Self Checkout (SCO) system with further advancement allowing any product put in front of the Tiliter Vision Camera to be identified with extremely high accuracy. Currently our pilot store in Sydney, Australia installed the first vision system in 2017 and is running the Tiliter Vision Assistant system with great success. As we begin on installing more systems across the world Tiliter provides an end to end hardware and software solution for automatic product recognition specifically designed for supermarkets.

The Vision system is primarily produced to reduce the need to train retail staff at checkouts and make self serve shopping easy for the consumer. There is no need to sit at the checkout for large amounts of time to identify fruits in your basket, simply sit and scan with no issues. The device can be used with or without bags with no problems and tell the difference between the closest of product varieties, to the point it can tell the difference between Truss, Roma and Gourmet Tomatoes accurately.

Another use for the Vision system is to reduce self serve checkout theft. Gone are the days of expensive items entered at low cost or different products. Supermarkets are set to save billions with the introduction of Tiliters innovative Product Recognition System. A camera stores product information to identify items at the scanner, without the reliance on barcodes, and preventing customers from under-scanning.

Theft adds around three percent to our products costs. So retailers want to minimise that theft so they don’t have to charge the honest consumer the extra money
— Russell Zimmerman from Australian Retailers

The Tiliter Vision Technology uses state of the art cameras and lighting aimed at the fresh produce on a SCO, scanning in real time and delivering either the single top or top four results depending on the supermarkets preferance. The device is easy to install, non invasive, and industrial strength making it the number one option for check out systems.

Making the checkout process more EFFICIENT, easy, and enjoyable

With the Vision Technology, Tiliter has specifically designed hardware to identify the product before sending the information to either a local or cloud based processor. This information is then fed to either a standalone interface or the point of sale interface. The Vision system is incredibly easy to install and run with the ability to be installed on any existing POS/SCO system. Suddenly there is no need to buy new expensive equipment but upgrade your existing system or process to the Tiliter Vision Smart Checkout System. An example of how this works can be seen in the below video by Channel Seven National News.

The system shown in the video is the standalone "Vision Assistant". This system is independently installed and extremely cost effective solution for small chain or independent grocers. The interface as seen can be altered to suit your business and style. The next model is a fully integrated system that Tiliter has worked on with manufacturers to interface on your existing checkout screen. This is a long term solution to reduce theft and increase consumer loyalty as checkout times decrease and the ease of using SCO's is increased. Let's not forget about new staff and existing checkout assistants, this technology is an amazing assistive tool to optimise your checkout process. No need for years of experience in identifying fruits and vegetables, no need to spend large amounts on training new staff, and with this technology staff feedback shows an increase in employees satisfaction - ultimately letting supermarkets retain staff.


Tiliter Technology is a Sydney Tech Start-Up pioneering new technologies using artificial intelligence and data analytic algorithms to automate business processes.

Starting in 2017 Tiliter Technology was formed by 4 Co-Founders - Martin Karafilis, Chris Sampson, Marcel Herz, and Quinton Foxcroft. With the idea to make processes easier and more efficient we set upon a path to create the ‘Tiliter Vision” which is a smart camera that can automatically identify any product it sees. This has now been implemented within supermarkets to identify the difference between fruits, vegetables and other products, for example, it can tell the difference between a Red Plum and a Black Plum or a Pink Lady Apple or a Red Gala Apple.

Tiliter strives on making its technologies the leader in artificial intelligence and to help both businesses and individuals.


Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Machine Learning is some of the most exciting industries in the world right now. As one of the first Companies in Australia that specialises in data driven technology across the AI industry it is amazing to know what the future holds. From the medical industry to agriculture Tiliter has the technology to make some of the most unthinkable projects happen and puts the us in a position that can allow us to assist everyday people, making lives easier and more enjoyable.

AI is a branch of computer science where machines can sense, learn, reason, act and adapt to the real world, amplifying human capabilities and automating tedious or dangerous tasks. Artificial intelligence (AI) powers many gadgets, like smartphones, smart thermostats and voice-activated virtual assistants that bring modern conveniences to daily life. Increasingly, AI is also being used to tackle critical social challenges.

"AI is just the latest in technologies that allow us to produce a lot more goods and services with less labour. And overwhelmingly, over the last several hundred years, that has been great for society," - Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder.


We are located in Sydney, Australia with our head office in Parramatta. We also obtain smaller satellite offices throughout the country primarily for consultation and meetings.