Automatic product identification at the supermarket checkout


We teach checkouts to recognise products without barcodes. Using artificial intelligence our patented system can detect any fruit or vegetable placed in front of the device and is easily integrated into any Point of Sale (POS) or Self Checkout (SCO) system. Automating the checkout process, saving customers time, reducing checkout lines, reducing plastic waste and optimising supermarket efficiency.

tiliter advantages.JPG

Our software is specifically created for retail and can tell the difference between the closest of product varieties, to the point it can tell the difference between Truss, Roma and Gourmet Tomatoes or a huge variety of apples accurately, even through bags.

The Tiliter Vision Technology uses state of the art cameras and lighting aimed at the fresh produce on a SCO, scanning in real time and delivering the item results on the checkout. Removing the need for manual entry. Tiliter has specifically designed hardware to identify the product locally, meaning no internet connection is required. This information is then fed to either a standalone interface or the point of sale interface. The Vision system is incredibly easy to install and run with the ability to be installed on any existing POS/SCO system. Suddenly there is no need to buy new expensive equipment but upgrade your existing system or process to the Tiliter Vision Smart Checkout System.