A smoother supermarket self-checkout is here

Use our smart tech to automatically identify your fresh produce and speed up your shopping experience.

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Add some Tiliter magic to your shop

1. Place your item
Customer confirming broccoli on the scale
2. Confirm your choice
Customer placing a new produce item on the scale and removing the broccoli from the Tiliter Scale
3. Place item in the bagging area

Our AI technology is making self-checkouts smarter in grocery stores across Australia

Smart features to make your life easier


The technology is clever, but's it's not complicated — just follow the prompts on the screen

speed up the checkout icon


Identifies fresh produce fast — skip the frustrating lookup menu and save time


Predictions are accurate, so you don't need to remember what variety you picked

Prefer to use the checkouts? Cashiers use our tech too!

IGA's points of sale are also powered by our produce identification tech, reducing queue time and speeding up the checkout, however you choose to shop. Look out for our tech in your local store.

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