Easy device management

The Tiliter Portal is a one-stop-shop for managing your Tiliter device, logging support requests, and gaining access to valuable customer insights to improve your store.

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Tiliter retail tech helps reduce shrinkage and fraud, automate retail processes and offer shoppers a better experience.

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Automatic produce identification

Quickly identify fresh produce and bulk items without barcodes.

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Bag detection

Automatically identify if a bag is used, to reduce bag taring costs.

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Recognise barcoded items

Exclude non-produce items with barcodes, phones and wallets.

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Fraud prevention

Reduce intentional theft with automatic alerts when customer selects incorrect item.

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Detect organics

Quickly identify organic markings like stickers and tape — charge the correct price every time.

Feature details

Every Tiliter customer gets access to the Tiliter Portal, our proprietary software as a service platform. The Portal gives you online device management capabilities.

Get a dashboard overview of all your devices, transaction data, numbers and type, bag usage and waste.

Gain insights into your customers’ habits. Measure and track recognition accuracy of your Tiliter-powered checkouts.

 We also offer remote support as standard and run a proactive remote maintenance and update program, so you can rest assured that your device is working optimally.

Powerful transaction data

Access valuable transaction and business KPI data, such as plastic usage, shrink and customer analytics.


Use the data to enhance the customer experience.


Analyse your processes and increase efficiency in-store.


Get real-time updates on all your devices in one place.

Cashier checkout using AI for a faster experience
Tiliter tracks supermarket anayltics and data for customers


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