Upgrade your self-checkout and POS and get 5 instant benefits in-store

Amelia Kirby

Want to offer a better shopping experience but don't want to replace your existing hardware? Tiliter's AI Checkout Solution means you can get all the benefits of Tiliter's advanced computer vision without the need for costly new IT infrastructure or capital outlay. Simply connect our Tiliter Processor and Camera to your EXISTING hardware.

We work with your software provider to display our item predictions on your display screen. Tiliter AI products come pre-trained with a core set of predictions and then continue to learn once they’re in use. Simply plug Tiliter in, and you're ready to offer your customers the ultimate checkout experience.  

Your retail problems solved with a simple upgrade

As every retailer knows, offering a great shopping experience is the sum of its parts. If you have an incredible product range, a beautiful store fit-out and friendly staff, but the checkout is frustrating and slow, your customer walks out unsatisfied.  

Customers shop elsewhere to avoid lengthy queues and a bad check out experience but managing cart abandonment and improving customer retention is easier than you thought.

Here are five reasons to upgrade your supermarket tech that your shoppers will love as much as you.  

  1. Get useful transaction info at your fingertips

Need to meet those plastic reduction KPIs or get stats on customer throughput? Many supermarkets and grocers are reducing their use of plastic bags and packaging. A Tiliter upgrade will help you get there and it's all in the data.

With access to the Tiliter Portal, you get great remote device management and support. Plus you get access to a range of rich data and transaction analytics. You can use this powerful data to enhance the customer experience, keep track of bag usage, fine-tune your processes and so much more.

  1. It’s easy to adopt and use

Tiliter's checkout and scale upgrades are accessible to everyone. Integration with your existing tech is easy, quick and seamless for your software provider to set up, so you’re up and running fast.

We currently have customers on four continents using our computer vision tech to offer their shoppers a better check out experience. Many of those have chosen our upgrade solution because it's simple to get up and running with their IT systems. There’s no need for major additional infrastructure. The software processor comes pre-set with core predictions, and continues to learn in your store. You can get started right away with no need for silent mode for months on end.

And because the set up doesn't need a constant internet connection to run, even the most remote store can get the benefits of the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech in their store.  

  1. Detect bags and calculate TARE  

Tiliter Vision can detect if any kind of bag is used for fresh produce. For retailers that apply a TARE weight to specific products, where a tiny percentage of the price is deducted to account for the use of a bag, they could be losing thousands of dollars a week in profit without this software. Tiliter helps retailers apply TARE weight only when a bag is used, which has an immediate effect on potential profit and can be used to calculate return on investment.

In an ideal world, plastic bags would be a thing of the past. But until then, Tiliter can recognize produce items through translucent plastic bags and netting used for organic products. This is useful when shoppers want to purchase multiple loose items and prefer to keep them contained.  

  1. Differentiate between organics and non-organics

Retailers lose money when organic products are scanned and identified as non-organics, which are usually cheaper. Whether by accident or otherwise, this loss in profit on the purchase of organics soon adds up.  

Tiliter detects organic markings, such as organic specific labelling, stickers or packaging. The immediate benefit of this feature is profit.  

A Tiliter customer recently conducted a study into the sale of organic bananas and found that by correctly identifying organic bananas alone, they were able to see a return on investment. When applying the same model across your whole organics range, you could quickly see an even more significant ROI.  

  1. Prevent incorrect selection and fraud

One of the clearest benefits of the Tiliter integration is that shoppers using the self-serve scale option and cashiers using the POS integration get to skip lengthy, frustrating lookup menus. Tiliter uses advanced computer vision to identify produce accurately, so there's no need to scroll through pages of items. This makes shopping quicker and more convenient for shoppers. And it saves shoppers and cashiers from remembering all the PLU codes.

Aside from the efficiency, it also means that shoppers and cashiers are prevented from selecting the incorrect item. Shrinkage is a big problem for retailers, and a simple upgrade can help you tackle it right away. Tiliter has the additional option to discretely alert the store manager if someone does manage to select an incorrect item, giving you an extra layer of protection from fraud.  

Ready to take your scales and checkout to the next level?

We build smart retail tech for real people to automate and transform everyday situations — without expensive upgrades to your equipment or infrastructure. Let’s do retail better in your store today. Contact us here.

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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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