Tiliter Operations Manager Jennat Benzemroun puts the customer first

Amelia Kirby

Jennat Benzemroun wears many hats, speaks multiple languages and has a deep knowledge of our customers. She heads up our Operations team in Europe.

Tell us about your role at Tiliter

As the Operations Manager based in Europe, my role is to oversee and head all operations including   logistics,   production, deployment, service, and maintenance, as well as strengthening relationships with our strategic customers and partners in the European region. 

What unique experience do you bring to your role?

Leveraging the knowledge I have accumulated over the past 16 years of international experience across three different continents, and working within various functional areas, has enabled me to better understand what is required to be successful in this dynamic role.

As Operations Manager, it is imperative to be comfortable wearing several different hats — from business development, to production, to team and portfolio management. On any given day, I need to be an Account Manager, Client Manager or Project Manager. 

My background in supply chain and customer support allows me to better understand the priorities of my customers and provide them with the right level of support.

Being in Germany after many years in Canada and Morocco is also an advantage as it facilitates better responsiveness to our customers’ needs in Europe and truly fosters and cultivates relationships with them. As a result, I am well positioned to act as the voice of the customer and represent them to not only our European operations but also to our main operations in Sydney, Australia. 

What motivates you to come to work each day?

While contemplating  the opportunity at Tiliter, the Mission Statement (to make computer vision accessible to the world by creating easy to use products) caught my attention. It is exactly one of the things our society currently needs. 

Making the checkout process faster and more efficient while enabling cashiers to optimize their work without the threat of losing it. Furthermore, there's the huge environmental benefit of eliminating waste of packaging and labels.

Once I joined Tiliter, my motivation only grew, and I embraced the start-up spirit. I quickly integrated with and felt part of the team. One would think after so many years in a well-established organization and different industry, the integration into a new one and a start-up would take longer and might prove difficult. However, from my first day, I was welcomed with open arms and supported by my leadership, colleagues, and team members

Tell us about a work achievement you are proud of

In my short time with Tiliter, I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to build good   relationships with my colleagues and customers. Specifically, I have led a successful Proof of Concept with one of the biggest retailers in Germany which turned to be a prestigious prize winner. 

How do you think the tech industry is changing?

The perception of the tech industry is changing from being dominated with subject-matter-experts to one that is more diversified both in terms of gender and skills. Thanks to the multitude of functional areas and disciplines, non-technical people, have the opportunity now to work in this industry which has resulted in this shift and made it more accessible to people of various backgrounds.

Why is it important to have more women participate in and be represented in tech roles?

I would bring this to more than women only. Tech roles and Artificial Intelligence can be intimidating for anyone. It is important to keep an open mind and give it a try. When provided with the right tools and the right team, any person can be represented in a tech role. Creating this diversity in gender and skills will do nothing else but enrich this industry.

Tell us a fun fact

I took cake decoration course and was a VP of 300ish-member cake club. The Cake Boss was one of my most followed shows. So, when I need to clear my head, I bake cakes and decorate them. It gets me in the so called ‘’zone’’.  My next cake project will be for my twins’ upcoming 3rd birthday. I have landed on the concept and now it is a matter of making it. I must admit, there have been many times when there was a gap between what I imagined and the end result. Luckily, only I could picture the original idea :) 

What's next?

I am looking forward to working with retailers across Europe, advocating for our solution and bringing value to the marketplace and to society. To implementing our solution and improving the consumer experience by enabling them to have a smooth and simplified checkout, with our solution being a key contributor to their grocery experience.

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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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