Why it’s vital to take a service-led approach to design

Martin Karafilis

Building great AI tech for supermarkets is what we do at Tiliter. But it all starts with our customer. Service and support are intrinsic to our DNA, and every decision we make along the way to delivering our products is made with the customer at the very centre.  

Keep the customer in mind from the first step

With every design and strategic decision, we put our customer front and centre. We know that this approach has multiple benefits.  

We spend time early on designing our service as part of our product strategy, asking how the service team fits in with the product, how will we be able to service this product quickly and seamlessly. Our size gives us the agility to set up exceptional before in-service and after-market service and sets us apart from our larger competitors.

The usability of our technology is essential — your shoppers are everyday people who need easy to access and use technology. How real people interact with our solutions is key to our design and build process. This means that you’ll not only achieve your business goals and offer a satisfying customer shop, but you’re also less likely to experience problems related to user experience.

Keep it in-house

Our mentality from day one has been to do as much in-house as possible.  While many larger retail tech businesses outsource their support, we’ve always believed that maintaining control within our team gives us the ability to respond fast. It also helps us manage any situations that arise with a complete picture of your needs in mind and informs every step we take to resolve your request.

Take a proactive approach to maintenance

Our service team’s ethos is to prevent problems before the occur, giving us the all-important benefit of delivering products with a low failure rate. Again, this is all done by our in-house team of highly-qualified engineers.

Our preventative maintenance includes routine hardware maintenance to keep your devices functioning at their peak performance.

We use remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to gain oversight of your device' health and ensure we’re across any discrepancy in real-time, before they lead to larger problems.

Our supermarket tech complies with metrology requirements of the regions in which they’re sold, including NTEP in the USA, MBIE in New Zealand, NMI in Australia and CE in Europe.

We're also ISO9001 compliant for the "Provision of hardware and software solutions relating to machine vision”, giving you extra peace of mind.

Service wherever you are

We’re proud of our large service network. And this starts from the product level. Our focus on service design includes how best we can assist our customers in remote and metro areas. So we design our products to enable superior service and support. It’s never an afterthought.

Our focus includes regional specificity – we're not in regions where we don’t have support. Sure, we want to sell products, but our ability to support those products is fundamental. Therefore, our sales strategy is linked in, enabling us to set up regional service structures to support multiple customers within the region.

Most towns include three or four of the big box retailers. So, it makes sense for us to set up structures to support all our customers in the region. Where we need to use contractors, we have a high standard of onboarding, ensuring the right experience and certification are held by anyone whom we partner with. With our stringent auditing process, any engineer that works on our equipment is as qualified as our in-house team.  

A strong service feedback loop

Our service processes include maintaining a high standard on SLA delivery. We have tight time frames for answering calls and resolving requests and that’s the way we want to keep it.

We understand that retail environments change. Whether you have a constant internet connection or not, network or product config changes, we have a service team that follows the sun and is available to you 24//7.

Whatever time of day, our customers have someone to contact. And this isn’t just about incident resolution. We’re fast moving on the development side too. This feedback loop enables us to respond to your requests and input, making sure our design meets your evolving needs, such as aligning with your new scan and pay app for example.

At Tiliter we’re proud to be big enough to meet the service needs of our of global customers, yet small enough to offer you dependable and reliable service with a personal touch. That’s the Tiliter difference.

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Martin is Tiliter's COO and co-founder. He is an experienced team builder, process optimiser and business strategist.

Martin is Tiliter's COO and co-founder. He is an experienced team builder, process optimiser and business strategist.

Martin Karafilis

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