Innovative checkout tech is easier to adopt than ever – here’s how

Amelia Kirby

If you’re looking to run a more efficient store, save money and offer a great customer experience, you’re probably expecting a major project with a big impact on your budget. You’ll be glad to hear there is a better way.

Tiliter's AI Checkout Solutions integrate with your POS or supermarket scale to give you all the benefits of the most innovative tech available, without needing new IT infrastructure, and without major capital expense.

You get smart retail technology that helps you run your store better, PLUS you get to keep your existing POS and self-checkout systems.  

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Here’s why our computer vision checkout solutions are proving the right choice for retailers globally.

Painless, fast implementation

Installation of our Checkout Solutions is managed by our dedicated deployment team. It’s a well-practiced process so you can be sure you’re in capable hands. Our hardware is designed and manufactured in Germany and Australia by our expert engineers, and our product quality is assured by metrology compliance certification in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.  

We manage installations across the globe in both urban and rural locations. We put your needs front and centre to create a smooth implementation journey for every customer in the least disruptive way.

Pre-trained devices

One of the cool things about our products is that they’re plug and play. The processors are pre-loaded with our advanced AI software, including a proven effective user interface.  

Our processors have a core set of fruit and vegetable options already registered and continue to learn, getting more and more accurate as they're used. This reduces or eliminates the amount of time the system needs to be ‘trained’ in your store. It works out of the box so your cashiers and customers can start using the system right away.

No new IT infrastructure

The Tiliter AI processor and camera combination connect to your EXISTING hardware. They literally bolt right on, seamlessly, powering up your tech with the best artificial intelligence in retail.  

Our customers love the fact that they can keep their self-serve supermarket scales or POS, but still benefit from adopting the latest in retail identification to offer customers a better experience and cashiers a more satisfying checkout process.  

No major CAPEX

Our pricing model is Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS). This is similar to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which gives you access to our hardware and accompanying computer vision software, maintenance, installation and support for an all-inclusive monthly fee. There’s no costly capital expenditure upfront.

The benefits are instant

When you invest in new retail tech, it’s important that you see results quickly. Here are some of the benefits retailers enjoy and improvements you’re able to make in-store with our AI Checkout Solutions.

  1. Reduce the burden of manual entry for non-barcoded items at the checkout. With less manual PLU entries for your cashiers, there’ll be less mistakes. Reduced shrinkage. Increased staff satisfaction. And more time to focus on the customer.
  1. With our bag detection feature, you can eliminate bag taring cost by automatically applying a tare only when a bag is detected and not for every transaction. A simple way to stop losing profit.
  1. Access unique transaction metadata previously unattainable without the latest AI. With data on bag usage and types, product markings like organics, and fraud assessment, you can streamline your processes, improve accuracy and enhance the customer experience.
  1. For self-checkout solutions, your customer doesn’t need to search through the long and often frustrating look-up menus. This means they get a faster, smoother, more convenient checkout experience and your store benefits from the reduced opportunity for fraud.

Tiliter AI Checkout Solutions make adopt world-leading AI technology accessible for all retailers, without major capital investment or major infrastructure changes. It’s a better way to retail. Read more about our Checkout systems here.

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Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia is Tiliter’s wordsmith. She has a background in tech writing, comms and content in a broad range of industries and is on a mission to banish jargon.

Amelia Kirby

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