Checkout convenience the name of the game, for Panda’s 106m customers

Felicity Mullens

With one of our core values at Tiliter being ‘go big’, we’re delighted to see our AI Scales adopted at one of the largest retail grocery chains in the Middle East. Just how does Panda keep their 106 million customers across Saudi Arabia and Egypt happy? They constantly innovate their retail tech, such as adopting our supermarket Scales, to improve their customers’ experience.  

A giant in retail  

With a legacy starting in 1978, the Panda Retail Company is operated by Savola Retail which owns 400 branches of Panda Super, Panda Hyper and Padat. It’s a massive player in retail, and the chain dominates the industry in the Middle East.  

Panda’s devotion to their employees, customers and the community is well-known and shows in the initiatives and values they champion, such as health, charitable giving and the environment. They pride themselves on making a positive impact on society and on the community.  

“Panda Retail Company has created brand perception by paving the way through several activities to meet customer needs” – Savola Group 2020.    

A more efficient customer experience  

Panda is driven to provide a unique experience and service for its customers. But they don’t just say it on paper. Like many brick and mortar retailers, they’ve sought to improve their customer experience and digital footprint by looking to cutting-edge technology.    

In an industry that knows the frustrations that come with manual, time-consuming processes and that’s often slow to progress, Panda saw an opportunity to up their game. In partnership with Tiliter Retail and our champion European resellers IdolMea, Panda is transforming the way their customers shop.  

One-touch barcode printing  

With the Tiliter AI Scale, Panda’s shoppers can automatically identify produce items like fruit and vegetables without barcodes or packaging. They simply place their item on the Tiliter image recognition scale. The scale works with or without bags and can scan the quantity and weight of the item.    

Tiliter computer vision software uses leading-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify produce items in under one second. Without annoying search menus, shoppers save time and have fewer onscreen touch-points. All they need to do is then print the barcode shown onscreen, attach it to their item and scan the item at the checkout. Shoppers get more time back. Panda rests easy knowing that their customers can’t select incorrect items.  

Bringing the benefits of AI to supermarkets around the world    

Sometimes solving a simple problem is the most important. Studies show that businesses lose 75% of customers due to waiting times — people’s time is precious. With the Tiliter AI Scale, shoppers can check out faster, avoid long queues and keep socially distanced. A simple change to the shopping experience that makes a big difference to Panda’s customers.    

Want to know how Tiliter computer vision tech can make a difference to your customers? Check out our supermarket tech solutions here.

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Felicity is Tiliter’s Marketing Specialist. She has a background in Media and digital Marketing and is a self-confessed lover of all things retail.

Felicity is Tiliter’s Marketing Specialist. She has a background in Media and digital Marketing and is a self-confessed lover of all things retail.

Felicity Mullens

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